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Im glad PA asked the question about the Markles, as I was also thinking of asking it. I have to say I dont agree with the opinion that the Markles are in on it for the following reasons –
– MM has a very long history of ghosting people. There are many sources and the evidence is overwhelming.
– MM networks up and associates with people who are on brand. The wedding guest list says it all. MMs overweight ageing father, wheelchair bound sister and dv brother are simply not on brand enough for her and not good enough to associate with the Clooneys or Beckhams.
– MM also doesnt appear to associate with other non brand relatives such as Dorias family.
– Harry described his family as the family MM never had. Not only rude and dishonest but also hypocritical now we hear what is really going on behind the scenes.
– Previously when the Markles spoke lots of people felt sorry for MM. However, now MMs mean personality has been exposed, such as the tour and her treatment of the staff, Eugenie, Kate and especially little Charlotte. Finally people are feeling sorry for Thomas and wont believe Meghan again. Its like the Emporers New Clothes.
– Harry hasnt even met Thomas and MM hasnt met him since she hooked up with Harry. If Thomas dies without a reconciliation MM and Harry look cold and heartless beyond redemption.
– This saga is incredibly damaging for the Harkles. If the Markles are all in on it together with MM it is an incredibly convoluted and high risk strategy. Why wouldnt the whole family just enjoy the benefits of associating with the Royals rather than create this drama.

I was very interested to hear the story of the wedding with Trevor. Im a bit naive but how many people give a bag of marijuana to the guests at a wedding? I know marijuana isnt as heavy as other drugs but she is really quite brazen.

Could it be that MM is a drug dealer as well as a yachter? That would explain her luxury lifestyle and international travel. It would also explain her hold over Harry despite photographic evidence to the contrary, as well as the Harkles scruffy appearances, mad behaviours and mood swings.

Hi NSW. All well here as I have some time to catch up on the answering you wonderful submissions. I hope you are doing well.

Now Regarding The Markle’s. Something is happening due to the fact that her father has come out defending her as in the previous weeks the media took a different turn from the love story. Why would he do that??? We know that she has ghosted them. 

If anything he should of attacked her as well as she didn’t make it public that she cares about him or any other of the family apart from Doria. Even Samantha visited Kensington Palace just before the tour and was basically shown the door out in a nice way as she made it clear that she was in London to try and get MM to contact her ill father. 

We know that she didn’t invite him to the wedding and that was just a game that they played. So by this it’s shows that the whole family are in it to make some quick cash, 

Realistically her father shouldn’t be giving any interviews full stop. But it shows that they are all Fame and money hungry.

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