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Hi Felix,

I just thought Id comment on the latest MM little publicity story.

According to the Daily Mail MM has been asked to do a reading for the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial fund christmas carol event , set in honour of Harry and Wills aristo friend who was killed in a car accident. Daily Mail says Harry has become somewhat estranged from his aristo pals since MM came on the scene and this could mend fences.

I wish the publicity seeking of this horrible couple would just stop. If it is really true that MM is doing a reading who is leaking it to the press, and when are people going to learn she makes things all about herself?

I remember this same event from last year when Cress gave a reading and megs wasn’t even there.

Yes true NSW. I don’t now who true this is and when is it? Well if it’s coming up shouldn’t have meg being giving a reading last year as by that time so was officially engaged to Harry. . We know that the press like to create stories as well to make some profit but just ignore and lets see if she actually attends this year. 

Thanks NSW

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