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Hi Felix,

About the Van Straubenzee memorial, I note MM did a speech that could have been titled Ode to Narcissism, and Harry supposedly gave a speech about MMs work on menstrual health. These 2 are so desperately embarrassing. I wish people would stop giving them speeches, it feeds their egos and they have absolutely no sense of socially appropriate behaviour.

I also notice at MMs appearance at the university the next day MMs bump seemed to have gone in to hiding.

Felix, what is your impression of the press fallout at the time of her pregnancy ( we were all Waiting fir this prior to the wedding. It seems astonishing that BRF would not go into protection mode. To me there are 2 explanations. –

She’s not pregnant and they are trying to bring her down for this debacle without implicating Harry., or

She is pregnant but the divorce is on and she is threatening to take the baby. Ive got to say Harry doesn’t seem too concerned about the little baby.

Hi NSW. I did miss that with all the things going on at the moment leading up to Christmas. I agree people need to stop inviting these 2 to events. They have become an embarrassment.

Now regarding the Pregnancy it’s going to be interesting to see if the Monarchy will place a ban on the UK media to publish anything negative towards them.

It’s going to be hard to just bring her down as they are all connected now and they will also take a massive hit. Plus even is she is really pregnant the child is the Monarchy’s property and as we see with Both Diana and Fergie the children stay and live in the palace. Plus if there is Divorce it will suit MM not to have the child as she will be partying and praying to find her new rich target without the hassle of babysitting.

Have a great evening NSW😊👍❤️🙏

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