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Jm is one person who still communicates with mm and they gossip about people they hate. They even scheme over people they hate trying to ruin them. I noticed when the people they hate are doing good, they cry angrily about it and share their tears on sm. When Jm takes selfies she’s unhappy with her body and wishes it was extremely tiny. So she fakes it to make it. I also noticed her makeup and appearance how she tries to make it match in a way to impersonate others. So she can get credit for what they do.

hi anon. Yes that is quite true as we have seen in the past MM imitating someone else to get Cory.

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Mm has been blabbing to the world over other people she despises for being pretty and kind. She tells everyone who would hear her. Even in crowds of people she tells them. But you know I think people are catching onto her lies and are even calling her out as a liar. Because in the Aussie videos I heard people in the background faintly calling her a liar and telling her to mind her own business instead of rubbing her nose into someone else’s life whom she hates and is jealous of. Mm isn’t setting a good example as a fake princess with an artificial title that contains no power whatsoever.

Hi anon quite true about MM loves talking about herself but as far as I know about people criticising her at these public events in Australia you have to remember that many people around the world only know that she is married to Harry as most don’t have interest in the Royal Family. The ones that have been following this and can see what they both are wouldn’t spend a second wasting their time to travel to see them in person.

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Mm and others

I noticed something with JM mm and these celebrity type people. I noticed how they quietly insinuate they are someone else by silently insinuating through their actions that their portraying someone else. Even silently applying their makeup differently to ps their body shape in pics. Even wearing tons of heavy makeup just to hide all flaws. Even when they do interviews and share their posts they subliminally share info about the victim they cling onto as their narcs trying to destroy their victim with words of lies and hatred even with bad actions. What will the world think as these people especially mm mostly do these kind of evil acts against others? Also mm is mad because she can’t steal and get what she wants or get credit for.

Hi anon. Quite true. They have image issues and as we have found. JM loves photoshopping herself before selling the pics to the tabs.

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Mm lies again

It’s all over Instagram. You can hear people in the crowd off in the distance tell her off. And calling her out as a liar and how she’s not a singer kinda thing. So apparently she’s been talking herself up like a storm in aus. I wonder what other lies she will spread all over the world?

Hi anon. I haven’t heard anything about that people where calling her names on the events which they both attended in Australia. Plus the media didn’t state anything about how wonderful Meghan is. They just stated the events which they both visited each day.

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Mm thinks that she is very powerful like a goddess with a chicken title.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂She does anon. She believes in her head that the world bows to her..

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Did they really move?

Why would Harry and Meghan move into 1b if they were having issues and breaking up?

Is this story fake? She has been attending events with him this past week. Maybe she is pretending to behave to stay?

What about royal doctors? Is the pregnancy even confirmed by the royal family or just KP w retweets from CH and BP?

If she is pregnant and things are good with them, none of the pr makes sense. Likewise giving her events and a move to a bigger house makes no sense if things are bad…

Tjey haven’t moved anywhere. For Harry to move there would be an announcement made by the Palace. Plus the express is MM’s outlet. I wouldn’t take these clickbait articles seriously.

So please Don’t click on the above article.

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Keeping it real

Thank goodness both you and JD keep it real. First, we were informed, apparently quite seriously, 1. “they are not a couple, no engagement, then definitely NO wedding [Harry was ‘coerced’, MM has ‘backers’] mostly on the unsubstantiated posts all by at least one fraud anon. Then when that all happened, we were informed that an annulment would be forthcoming, if the marriage was even legal, that she lives at SH and has nothing to do with either Harry or the Cambridges (except at events). Then there would be 2. no Australia/Asia-Pacific tour and absolutely, not on any account, have 3. a baby. The first of those two NOT HAPPENING! events have already occurred, whilst the third has been announced. All the rest is just delusional fantasy by either trolls or very gullible people. No 2-bit hustler from Hollywood and her “backers” can blackmail the BRF to “coerce” a marriage and possibly baby. Not in this lifetime or the next. This baby will have royal blood and it matters as does the marriage, which will go down in history and never erased (another delusional raving by the other blogger). I believe there will be a baby, but by a surrogate. Harry just can’t say NO to MM, though I also believe he regrets ever meeting her, let alone marrying her. I have seen not one scintilla of evidence to suggest that she is being reined in by any power in the BRF in any meaningful way (not talking about tiaras and balcony appearances). There is no real evidence of her exit. This is the reality right now. I don’t believe in any of this coercion madness and delusion, nor do I think there is any strategic plan to get rid of her. Harry was probably told that he can’t divorce her for two years and likely realised he can’t deny her a child, or she would sue the BRF. Members of the BRF can sue and be sued (save the sovereign). However, she have to sue in the UK because of jurisdiction and her residency status. That would make it difficult. Any divorce could only be on UK soil, also, where the marriage occurred and where she resides. Her American citizenship has nothing to do with it.

Hi anon I agree. MM is officially pregnant from the Palace. Wether it’s going to be from a surrogate or a miscarriage announcement at the end of the day she is officially pregnant even though the signs of that baby bump show us a different view. The wedding is recorded. It did happen and can’t be erased. We all witnessed it.

As we have questioned on a lot of topics regarding annulment, blackmail it crystal clear that There is no blackmail as if that was the case MM would be in prison right now.

The real truth anon is that Harry chose her and even had hissyfits to get her to the altar because MM controls him due to his mental weakness. It’s that simple…

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Nothing Will Change

Harry and Meghan are still attending meetings and dinners with Will and Kate in support of the Royal Foundation. Nothing is going to happen to Meghan she will stay quite for a few weeks and then she will start her BS again. The family will do nothing they have to protect her bc she’s Pregnant. Come Christmas they will be one big Happy family Meghan’s mother will be there bc the Royals are so modern and excepting now. They wont discipline her if they let Andrew get away with shit he’s been getting away with how are they going to discipline Meghan she knows to much now. Better the devil you know then the one you don’t know. Keep your enemy’s close.

hi anon. Well something did happen as they both returned back from their honeymoon vacation. We noticed her smug smile was gone as she stood alone on that balcony without being alongside the queen and Kate. Now regarding the foundation and splitting of the house holds at KP we need it to be official from the Palace. It was only media talk and time will tell if it’s true.

Now more people are beginning to notice her bubbly bump keeps on flactuationg on a daily basis. So what do the Palace do in the lead up to this birth?? It’s going to be interesting. As far as We know there may be some big announcements coming our way from the Palace as they return to from festive holiday in the new year.  But so far as you said they are supporting her in a way.

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Felix, you’re back! Since MM and Harry were just recently in your area of the world, what’s the “after effect” discussion there since the tour? Negative, positive, don’t care? Also, I perceived MM and her bump routine to be rather insulting to everyone at each of their engagements/stops. It’s almost like MM looked down on the people of Tonga, Fiji, and even Australia and New Zealand as well – like they were not educated enough to realize (1) she’s empty headed (2) women in the first trimester don’t go around cupping an exaggerated bump (3) and that she thought she was better than them and (4) that she’s was laughing at them in very patronizing ways. I”m sure the Palace got an ear full, or at least I hope they did. One thing I wanted to point out and see if anyone else remembers. This is regarding the blame “she’s and her sugars” tried to lay at the feet of her “assistants” for the tag showing on her dress and the overall wrinkled clothes and just looking messy. Didn’t it get reported very heavily in the beginning, that she and Harry were going to do things their way, this started back during the wedding. But they also talked about how she wanted to handle everything herself. I would think if the chaos that is being inferred is going on behind the scenes really is going on, MM has no support from any of the assistants. If she’s such a she-devil to everyone AND thinks she’s so superior to everyone else, why in the world would any staff dare try to help her or “correct” her when she knows best. They are letting her roll out the front door in all her MM glory and letting that fall where it may and I hope they were able to enjoy a moment of just desserts!! Anyone who has to deal with this trainwreck deserves that much at least. Harry should be utterly ashamed of himself and what he’s putting his grandparents through at a time they should be able to just coast. And come on people, the “borrowed” earrings she wore to the party, they probably were “earned” by her so she can’t quite give the source now can she? Can you just imagine the babysitting scene that must have played out during the party around the other European royals? Can you imagine the small talk she would have in common with the European royals? I wonder how many men in the crowd recognized her from “yacht parties”? Harry will be run out of town before this is over just for bringing the cheap girl into the wife world. I am still amazed at how stupid this all is. Even though I still think she was initially placed there, it is unfathomable just how she doesn’t even have enough of a conscience or class for that matter to try and look like she’s trying to belong. Surely in this day and age, where few secrets really remain and people are so much more aware, how can this silly woman act like this and not know how utterly foolish she looks. That’s why I always go back to she had to be placed on this path for a reason, and I imagine she’s being handsomely paid for her time. She’s just trashy enough to try to get extra out of the RF, while she’s there. She’s like a kid in a candy store. Or rather a hooker in a jewelry store, and she can have a choice but not the emeralds! Nope Nope Nope, the emeralds are “reserved”. LOL

Hey PA. The media only commented about them whilst they where here. From the moment they left Australia no word on them. Even here in Melbourne. The media went crazy on the day they visited here but as soon as they flew back to Sydney they only got mentioned briefly at the end of our news segments.

plus let me add PA. This tour of there’s hasn’t bought a positive spin on the Royals.Harry and Meghan where went here to work and most of Aussies saw that they only come here for a holiday.

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surrogate? brf are disgusting LIARS, CONARTISTS

if there is a surrogate, then they will continue the lie. but, THAT WOULD MENA EVERYTHING WE THOUGHT ABOUT THE FAKE MARRIAGE IS NTO TRUE EITHER. AND THE BRF IGNORING HER AS SHE WALKED DOWN THE AISLE IS STILL TRUE, BUT WHY THE CONTINUED FARCE? WHY?????? AFTER THIS, I will no longer respect nor care a single thing about any of the british monarch, they lost many loyal royalists because of this.

quite true anon.  We have to wait and see if any announcement comes from the Palace within the weeks to come due to the fact if there is an announcement being made of a miscarriage after the 20 week period then MM will need to show proof.

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