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If only people would let Diana be.

I know anon. The media made so much money of Diana when she was alive and as you can see they will keep on doing it. Its sad and wrong in my opinion.

Have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️

Vintage beautiful soul

Tragic news has hit today as one of our very own bloggers who has been here fighting with us from the very beginning has tragically lost her sibling.

My condolences goes out to vin and her family alongside with my prayers and thoughts to help deal with this tragic event.

Stay strong Vin

Love Felix 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

NHS dead babies scandal

They didn’t use a NHS hospital because of the poor care and investigations into babies dying and poor coverage of staff. Portland Hospital is privately owned by US doctors.


Hi anon.

Thanks for sharing. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and for some reason the BRF want to keep the birth place of Archie private. They only used Portland hospital to shut the media down as they questioned about the birth place.

It’s true. The NHS are struggling and it doesn’t surprise me that they lack doctors and poor care services available for the British people.

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Someone has found an interesting connection with Sara Latham and The Portland hospital in a video.
It’s listed on youtube under *Real* royal birth certificate… It’s *who* you know,,not what

I always found it strange they were at The Portland when other places were closer. Maybe this video will help people looking into things.

I hope JD feels better soon,

The Cambridge nature pictures were in stark contrast to the Sussex anniversary ones.

Hi anon.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us. There are some things that don’t add up. They surely didn’t go to that hospital and Harry lied about that.

Well this shows that they probably used a surrogate but it’s going to be very difficult to find out where Archie was born. I am thinking that the child was born at a location which they don’t want to name and They announced The Portland to shut the media down as questions began to arise.

Have a great day anon and thanks for sharing😊🙏👍❤️

If the BRF accept her why then did they snub her at PC investiture?

Why are they both appearing for engagement announcement and baby announcement outdoors? Why no red carpet for her walk down the aisle? Why no doctor signatures on birth announcements? Why does baby look exactly like a fake motionless reborn doll? Why did mm make a point that the baby is quiet and calm, meanwhile it didn’t flinch when she knocked it with her hand and rubbed its head much too vigorously for a new born? And why doesn’t the baby have any memorabilia sold in stores? Why did QE2 give her that side eye stare at the wedding? YOU CANT TELL US SHE IS ACCEPTED BY BRF WITH ALL THE LIES AND MISFIRES WE HAVE DISCUSSED OVER 2 YEARS. You know there are lies and it’s ALL fake, ALLEGEDLY. YOU WERE ONE OF THE LEADERS IN WANTING TO EXPOSE THE ALLEGED FRAUD. REGARDLESS IF BRF ACCEPTED HER. WHAT IS THE TRUTH? You seem to have sold out and given up Felix. This is disappointing.

Hi anon.

Let’s begin. What red carpet down the isle? Did you forget that Prince Charles himself ( The Future King of England ) walked her down the isle.

Now regarding Archie. Are you telling me that HM just lied to the world by taking a photograph with a doll? Please you need to face reality and stop with these fantasy theories…

From all of this what you have failed to realise is that Harry and the BRF are playing with the media. They did this from day one. They chose to bring her into the fold. Not the other way around..

I as you know from the beginning alongside with JD, NYC, AHPF, BANANADRAMA as bloggers with many anons exposed Harry for what he is and what kind of wife he CHOSE to marry.

Meghan climbed the social circle and Harry chose her because he wants to be a celebrity and not a Royal as he has stated it in the interview he had 2 years ago and he plays with the media when it suits him as you can see. THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!

Have a great day anon. You shouldn’t be disappointed with me from stating it as it is. You should be disappointed with Harry and the BRF alongside bloggers who are trying to sell you a false narrative because they don’t want face reality.


Are Bloggers being shut down?

Hello Felix, what is your opinion on why Skippy shut down her Tumblr blog? Do you think MM lawyers forced her to do so or do you think that Skippy is fed up? I always thought Skippy had child-like thinking that the BRF and QE2 were gods but she lacks the ability to grasp what is really going on with them.

Hi anon.

Bloggers aren’t been shut down as you see. Skippy is getting shut down and it’s not from any lawyer. It’s from a few on twitter where they have found her posts about Archie braking laws.

Word of advice. She will be getting shut down again…

have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍

You need to renew your security certificate

When I first tired to come here, I got a large warning page saying your security certificate expired and you may be impersonating a website to steal information. I clicked through anyway. I’ve been trying to tell people to come here, but they are very intimidated by the certificate warning.

Will you handle that?

Hi anon,

Thanks you for letting me know. I will have a look and get this sorted out over the next couple of days.

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍

nsw anon

Hi Felix,

Some interesting comments from anons.

Little Archie is a cute baby and people need to accept reality.

I think there are more important things to focus on than the littlest Royal. The promotion of Meghans new found friend Taryn Toomey and her Caribbean Yoga retreat on the Harkles Royal Ig. This is completely outrageous and the Harkles should be ripped into by the entire British media for this. They are using Royal infrastructure funded by British taxpayers under the guise of philanthropy to enrich a New York multi millionaire.

Taryn was at the baby shower, which we all knew was a merchandising op. I read that Taryn’s husband is a wealthy investment employee from Goldman Sachs. In March 2017 Taryn Toomey and her financier Husband listed their Tribeca apartment for sale for $ 6.8 million dollars. Taryn Toomey is clearly a self promoter and one article about her states she is always looking for ways to expand her cash flow. Now the BRF, the British taxpayers and potentially unwell Harry and Meghan followers are her cash cows.

The Harkle IG, while apparently promoting mental health initiatives across the world, are directing potentially vulnerable followers to this woman,s website whereby people can book a 3,600 pound retreat for 4 nights, In other words, this Royal couple is aiding and abetting a US millionaire to potentially financially exploit vulnerable followers and their families. People with psychological problems are very much at risk of being exploited by predators, and that is why courts and tribunals make financial management orders. Furthermore, excessive and grandiose expenditure is one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Contracts signed by people in a bipolar phase are very likely to be found to be unconscionable and set aside by the Courts.

Fake, greedy exploitative, despicable.

We all know the Harkles relationship has been a long running adventure in merching eg Soho House and business associates, Meghans mirror, Oprah and Gayle. However, this is going way way too far. Media, Its time to do your job before lives get ruined.

What I would like to know is –

The cost to taxpayers of the Harkles Pr, including salaries and staffing allocations.

Why are Harry and Meghan allowed to provide commercial promotion to their friends on Royal IT infrastructure

Why are they allowed to be so blatant in their commercialism.

Did Harry and Meghan get a commission for promoting the business of Taryn Toomey , or were they just being charitable to her.

When did MM meet Taryn and how is she connected to all the other players now mixing with the Harkles.

Since the baby shower we have seen commercial connections with Gayle and Taryn. What other hideous commercial ventures will arise from the baby shower.

Will the Royal Foundation actually fund research into psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

When will the British Parliament demonstrate fiscal responsibility and demand transparency and accountability from the BRF.

When will the media do its job.

When will Australia become a republic.

Felix, I’m so pleased you’re back …

I missed you!

Please don’t be mean about Skippy – I like her too, and respect you have differences, but please just wish her well without being mean – you’re better than that.

I agree that the BRF is complicit in all this, but I otherwise agree with most of what Skippy says.

I like visiting here and hearing your thoughts about things too!

Have you read some of the things on You Tube about the Sussexes of late? I went down a huge rabbit hole last night that started with a visit to Yvonne Tarot then, after reading what someone said about a Celic channel, visited there … next thing and about 20 channels later it was 2am. Anyhoo, very interesting reading … anybody can pretend to be anyone and say anything on the internet so it’s important to take it all with a grain of salt, but unless the same people are making multiple accounts and posting over and over again, there are very common themes coming through.

I hope you’re keeping warm … it’s very chilly here across the Tasman at the moment.

Hi anon.

Thank you for sharing that. I have tried to be nice about Skippy but I have to warn you that she is a compulsive liar, Her blog got shut down due to the fact that she was stating awful things about Archie and people from twitter reported her to tumblr. It was not MM’s lawyers which she wants you to believe. She has no sources and I feel sorry for her because she is losing it Day by day.

We all can see the truth and I don’t like it any more than anyone but we have to accept that the BRF accepted MM into the family and are supporting her. All the stuff which we have outed MM doing since the beginning The BRF are complicit in it now. So the fantasy of MM going to prison is debunked plus let’s be real honest with ourselves the child is real and not a doll which not just Skippy others have stated.

It maybe from a surrogate or it could be MM’s. We don’t know until we get real proof.

I have stated this multiple times anon and I will state it again. There are many out there that haven’t accepted what is happening and get sucked in to these theories without asking bloggers about real proof.

It’s getting cold here in Melbourne anon but I don’t mind the cold. With the cold weather you can always rug up and sleep well at night. I can’t stand when the temperatures are high in summer. You just sweat all day and if you don’t have air conditioning it’s impossible to fall asleep.

Have a great evening anon and keep warm😊❤️👍🙏

the whole Skippy thing…

I like Skippy… in fact, when she first started and we all were on the same page about MM and Harry’s relationship…. I was going through things emotionally because, I personally knew Prince Harry (met him in 2004). Although he and I part ways 4-6 weeks before he met MM (I was angry at the lack of things he does for his charities… other than the PR Push. I had donated A LOT of money because I believed in the charity; I also believed in him then I saw the truth) – to make that part of the long story short:

I emailed his now former private secretary. Such a lovely man.. always have good things to say about him. He did so much for Harry and his charities that he should get more credit. I will always praise him. Anyway, I showed Skippy because I wanted her opinion, if I should send it. It was a last ditch effort on the subject for Harry’s charity … but then Harry and MM got in the press about the ‘relationship’. his now former private secretary wouldn’t respond to any emails from any of Harry’s friends especially if they are girls. I knew, that this was a serious relationship.

I didn’t fancy him; (truth be told there was one who I fancied… and it wasn’t Wills or Harry. it was a polo bloke, never will say who) I admired him. He is fun to dance with 🙂 and drink lol. One of the things I said to the now former Private Secretary is “Harry is smart; the problem is he doesn’t make decisions for himself. He is able to and I think he needs to have more of a role in his charities” I think many of us can agree to it. In fact look today at the way the PR is going on? He isn’t doing anything. MM has a strong Hollywood personality and that is mostly her and he goes along with it.

So to sum that up. Skippy posted on her blog that I am a faker… that I ‘love Harry’ etc.. and blocked me on twitter. I was nothing but nice to Skippy. I did go to her site and I did post ANON often, in fact the most recent one was on Sunday… saying “I thought Princess Diana’s favourite flowers were Lilies flowers” . She posted that. And yet she thought I was fake or a ‘troll’, when all I did was care about Harry as much as you, JD and many others do.

I wish her well… but she needs to stop snapping at people if they have their opinion that is different than hers.
Look, I don’t like MM, but in my own reason. I have lived the celebrity circuits. I once went on a date with a guy who knew her and he didn’t have nice things to say about her.

You have talked to me on Twitter, I Have not lied once. I have been open… which, also bothered Skippy because I was saying what i Know… because , well I know Harry personality. Heck, I kissed him TWICE (and I did kiss William also in 2004 at Beaufort Polo Ball and the year before that at St. Andrews. I had friends who attended the uni, while I was studying abroad in Spain. Again, was at a party. He also gave me a cold, from what I remember lol and saw William again at Centre Point, the one with Taylor Swift singing. I was at that charity event; pictures to prove it as I made the news lol). one in 2004 at ChinaWhite Cartier Guards Polo after party and again in 2015 in Africa… after the Opening of the Children’s Centre… we went to Cape Town and he played polo. There was a mini after party… was my birthday and I told him something… that I never spoke about to anyone and will never. We kissed and then parted ways. Saw him again the summer later and I was in Getty Images because of the charity event… glaring at him due to being annoyed with him as stated above.

I don’t kiss and tell but I do say a few things and will speak up. I won’t speak to journalists. Also Skippy knew I was writing a book that had NOTHING to do with Harry. I was talking about the people I met over the years in comparison to what the subject the book was about. those well-known people who are mentioned know about the book. Harry knew about it! I told him what was being said lol. He didn’t care.. and book is still pending because I have 3 chapters to rewrite by July 1st.

Sorry Felix for this ‘long’ blog post, I wanted to state my opinion, where I was coming from. I do wish her well… as I always am kind to everyone. She choose to be mean and block me when I did nothing wrong but be kind to her.

Hi anon. Thanks for sharing that with us. We all wish her well but the problem is that she has backed herself in a corner from all the lies that she has been spreading over the last few months and slowly people who have followed her for a long time are beginning to see it.

At least with her new blog she did something right, she has stated at the very top that’s it’s pure speculation which it is and word of advice NO reporters or Meghan visit her. Her Loyal fans like The Charlatan Duchess are looneys from twitter..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️👍