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NYC I hope you enjoy your stay in Sydney whilst covering IG. If you want to share with us any news regarding these 2 clowns feel free to submit an ask to me as I know you are to busy dealing with anons on tumblr who act like Children. I am more then happy to publish it on here and deal with them. Hope to hear from you soon.

love felix2001a❤️❤️❤️😊🙏👍

Samantha’s info on MM’s Pregnancy Issues.

Here is a screenshot from a good friend of JD here and on twitter that spoke to Samantha and received this information regarding her getting pregnant.
























Thank you JD and to this individual for allowing us to post this. Great info😊👍❤️🙏






Back on Monday!!!

Hi everyone. I will be back on Monday. I have a few things to attend to this weekend and won’t be able to answer your submissions. As always feel free to submit as we will continue to discussion on this circus as MM and Harry get ready to jet off to Sydney in a couple of weeks.



Hi everyone. Sorry couldn’t answer your submissions today. Had a massive day but will be answering them all tomorrow after I get home from work. So please continue submitting your asks as all submissions are important to finding out the real truth.


Prince Harry fans are gross.

Prince Harry fans are gross. Unpalatable! Odious! Every damn one of them and that includes the biggest loud-mouth/jackass Skippy. Government my ass! They shout their damn mouths off saying Harry cares about the vets. Really? Where the fuck do see he cares? You must be blind and or stupid beyond help. He could be recorded saying bad things about the vets and they’ll say it’s KP or the government made him do it. Or William made him do it. I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like what I say!

It’s a damn blog, are fucking crazy. Get your head out of your ass. They are just as bad as he is and wasn’t coming back but that is terrible about the vets. He’s a pretend soldier and he just proved that to feeble minded. At least JD says the truth at least for the moment. They are shameless in their protection for Harry! You can block if you want Vintage. They are very off-putting. That dick al but said I don’t give a damn and it was only publicity.

Very insulting and galling they try to excuse the one thing they love to say he’s so proud of and cares. You are fucking liars and fakes. And major hypocrites. He doesn’t do a damn thing for IG he’s just a face. That’s it. The vets are the heroes and so are the people who work behind the senses to get things done and let them have their moment.

I don’t trust people who hide behind nice words and stupid emojis and when the time comes for Harry to own his shit they come up with every excuse under the sun. They as much as the royal family are responsible for what he thinks he can always get away with. They don’t deserve to say one word about the vets. You can block now. Or possibly don’t post at all.


I totally agree anon. Harry doesn’t care about the wounded soldiers. It’s crystal clear that it’s all a PR stunt to promote his image which at the moment is failing as many people are catching on quite fast. Now the only reason he is coming to Australia is for the free holiday paid by others. It’s pretty sad to see people trying hard to make EXCUSES but we all can see the real truth here and you have pointed out some valuable points.

Originally posted to VintageScorpio1975 on Tumblr. But this is to good not to post on here for everyone to see because its the ugly truth which we all need to look at.

Questions for Eclipse by Vintage…

Felix, if you don’t mind dear I have a couple of questions for Eclipse

Can I ask you why are you worried about the forum and who set it up?

Why is it important to you?

I try to hang in the background of all this, and it is definitely an honor for me to help them out and contribute my ideas. Deanne is and was not responsible for these two getting shut down.

I spoke to her about this the other day, for some reason they did leave her blog alone. But there is no way possible she is responsible. Felix would not be associated with her if true.

They started this forum to have a wider base for everyone to talk and have their ideas. It will cover everything from sports, to music, cars, everything else. It will not be centered on just those two people. Honestly, I find them annoying and predictable as fuck now. I think NYC made the perfect choice of staying away. And please you are more than welcome to message me if you have any questions ☺️

Thank you for that my dear Vin.🙏🙏❤️❤️

Eclipse this is for you. Feel free to send your asks here or go to vintagescorpio1975 on tumblr and give your answers straight to Vin.