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Felix do you think Harry still holds his popularity, even on his own? I keep seeing this theme on many blogs that Harry is still popular just not her. Well I’m not convinced of that. I think this whole debacle may haunt him socially and I’m not sure people are ever going to feel the same for him that they thought they did. Plus the more W/K grow into their roles I think people will see Harry as just superfluous. If Harry had become a degenerate, he could have really been a driving force and a true help to William. Harry is such an ingrate. I’m even confused as to why he chose her as a one night stand, surely there were better ones? He has such poor taste, I’d hate to see the others he’s paid for. Ugh. Some things you just can’t unsee. And Harry’s lack of intelligence is one of them! Ciao for now! BTW shout out to NSW – I always like your posts. I wish we could be neighbors 🙂

PA he is not as popular as he was before this. As we have seen many have turned against him because they see what he really is. As you said above he makes poor choices in life due to his lack of intelligence has lead to this result.

Yes NSW provides awesome points like you do with many others and it’s great to have you, NSW and everyone on board as we try and see the real truth.

Thanks PA😊🙏👍❤️


Felix you must watch a video of the fashion award segment with MM. This may sound far fetched but in this mess nothing can be to far fetched I believe. She looks crazier than ever in the whole episode but put that aside. I’m thinking she pitched a fit with Harry and made him call in some favors or use his position to get the award to be given to this designer. This designers fashions are mediocre at best. There were many other designers in the audience that are much more talented and more deserving. Just like MM, this designer would likely not have stood out in the running unless for the exposure of making Markles dress. Plus what’s bizarre, it’s a hideous dress which most agree, even pro MM people have said on TV its plain. There was nothing groundbreaking with it all all. Plus MM rarely wears British designers. That would not necessarily be a welcoming audience to her. The still photos released were taken perfectly with the lighting behind her like a vision of the Virgin Mary with the angel announce the coming baby Jesus. A photography would not be set to take those photo’s if it were a “surprise” visit. Where she stood had to be planned for those photos. Plus she’s holding/cupping/whatever her belly at just the right time. AND THE SPEECH, oh my, I’m embarrassed for her. She really does have some loose wiring. It’s bad. She should be a psychiatric study in naming a new disorder cause there’s not one currently that would cover the depth of her self delusional state. She really believes I think that she is that great and deserves that type of attention. Harry is a complete and utter fool. If he was attracted to that mental instability self loving fruitcake, he is lost and will never be found. Even though the Royals are such oddities at times and mostly deserve the situations they get themselves caught up in, I really feel sympathy toward them now. This is bad. What is that mess with her belly, who holds their belly like that? It was even on the big screens in the event hall. It was so egregious, I wanted to step into the TV and walk up on that stage and walk her to the back. At this point it’s like she’s channeling Diana, Fergie, Kim Kardasian, the Mulroney chic, and she can’t quite decide which mannerism or look to pull from which person. And she looks like she is talking to herself in her head going YES, these people love me and they should. It’s just awful. You’ll only be able to stomach watching in one time. Sorry for the rant, but back to my first idea. I think she used whatever strings she could pull and make this happen, because she was anticipating to possible even be named as Time’s Person of the Year today. She had this stupid word salad speech which made utter nonsense, cruel designing vs designing with kindness, female empowerment being in the fabric type nonsense. It was I believe her “script” to hopefully flow into today being name by Time and she was going to just be floating. But I think we heard a thud from England’s grassy hills from across the Pond. And I thought the poem at the Carol memorial service was bad thrown in the middle of traditional church Christmas carol music. Ugh what utter idiots. I’ve never believed in reincarnation until now possibly – Wallis and “her David” are alive and well, here to torture us all. God save the Queen, because that’s who she better turn to to save herself and her family. She got the devil in her house.

Hi PA. As we see everything is planned and she just plays her role as she loves the cameras and sets her self up in the right poses to get the limelight. We will see what comes out of this as Richard Palmer just admitted that she is the one getting her minion followers to attack reporters on racism. The media know her tricks and will eventually turn on her. When that happens No one will be able to defend her.

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Hey Felix hope you can answer this ask soon.

Does the Brit monarchy have a right to murder an American in another country which is North America? Even to frame the American so as to take legal action to commit such murder?

Hi anon. Murder is a crime anon. No Royal in the world is entitled to take another human beings life in this day and age. They can take legal action against her if it’s blackmail but as we see this is no blackmail and Harry bought her in.

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nsw anon

Hi Felix,

I agree with PA, MMs narcissism is way off the spectrum and she must have serious mental health issues, as does Harry. Im sure the BRF must have spoken to them about the bump clutching. This is merching but also a pathological need for attention. This crazy woman would probably do anything for attention. Someone should tell this woman there are 7 billion people on the planet with billions more in history, not to mention the entire history of the animal kingdom. Pregnancy is not that unusual! I also think it is crazy gloating.

Proving herself the total sociopath and having no feelings, MM doesnt seem the slighest bit embarrassed by all the negative stories. , Were people really calling out her name at the fashion show? Must have been rent a crowd or the truly vacuous.

Hi NSW. I totally agree. She does have mental health issues with the way she acts in public No one in their right state of mind would ever act like she does. She isn’t embarrassed and is Fame driven which as we see she does everything to gain attention and now with this pregnancy she will do everything to get the cameras on herself as we see her holding her belly as we have never seen any other famous person do that in the spotlight.

Have an awesome day NSW😊🙏👍❤️

I guess

I see that Harry and Meghan aren’t as popular anymore… I wonder why? What do the world really think of them?

Well as we see many don’t care about them. 

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Pls reply soon as I am very curious to know this

So Meghan’s baby won’t have a natural title? But artificial? I read on jD’s blog that her baby won’t have a natural title just artificial. I just wanted to ask you this since you know more about it. Pls reply soon as I am very curious to know this.

Hi anon. It will have a natural title as it’s born into Royalty. Meghan herself hasn’t got a natural title due to the fact that she wasn’t born into Royalty like Harry and William. Even Kate hasn’t got an natural title from birth. Meghan like Kate have both been given titles upon marrying into the Royal Family.

Have a great day anon 😊❤️👍🙏

Ponderings – bear with me

Hi Felix, et al, I’ve been doing some digging. Forewarning, this is a little out there, but hang with me to the end and let me know what you guys think. I’ve dug into coverage about different celebrities and the babies they have. Many are legit, natural, genetics, all above board. But there are several cases that seem “not quite real but I can’t put my finger on it exactly” type situation. There is apparently and industry that has developed in the past decade due to advances in female medicine, where a healthy uterus can be transplanted from one woman to another. Supposedly, many Russian women sell their uterus and get paid a pittance (like $1500 us dollars) while the people who broker these deals makes $100,000+ on each deal. Since there is a consistent gossip grapevine regarding MM unable to have babies and H is sterile or low sperm count enough to contribute to conceive naturally, I’m thinking she may have had this procedure. She has treated her body medically, horrible over the last 20 years. If she is really pregnant, and she really became pregnant naturally, then she really would be having a “miraculous” birth. If she had a uterus transplant, she, being “miss-know-it-all” would think now that she has a healthy uterus and can carry a baby full term, that it’s foolproof and she doesn’t have to be as careful. She has been out of the public eye for long period since the beginning of this mess. She would have had time to have the procedure and heal. There are private hospitals all over the world that do all sorts of procedures for the wealthy and well connected, that this could have been done easily. Reading through things I would find, these women seem more staged and PR about their preggos rather than the excitement of being a mother. Since MM is self centered and selfish, she would not like really being preggo. She knows a kid would be her lifelong meal ticket and she won’t be like Fergie, and accept and honor the being put out in the cold by the RF, MM has no such compunction. She doesn’t respect anyone, neither does Harry. Even though it drives us all crazy, they really are a PR match made in heaven. Lol. But, if MM decided she was going to have to go through a pregnancy, then she would go for twins and hit so many items on the checklist. 1) she gets a royal baby 2) she gets uber attention – is it going to look like her, like Harry, red hair, dark skin, etc.—3) but icing on the cake? She produces 2 at one time and throws full shade on Kate 4) having twins makes her extra special in her book- like, look what I did, now top that…5) she would keep permanent media cycle with her royal twins, without paying for it, like she’s having to now, 6) she produces children the RF can never ignore, she will, existentially, through them be a forever thorn in the RF side and they will be forced to deal with her forever 7) since it leaked about the preggo contract she had with Trevor, she’s not maternal at all, so with twins, she covers her bases and only has to be preggo one time. Win – win for her. I told you it was a far fetched idea I had. But I”m still on the fence actually about real vs fake preggo. She just does so many questionable things that anything can be true with her because she defies all odds. She is an outlier. I just hope she really is faking because no one wants never ending press on anything this woman has anything to with. Let me know if think I’m totally bonkers Felix, I just think there’s a really ugly backside to the elite’s world and how and what all they can do. Ciao!

Hi  PA. Interesting as I wouldn’t be surprised if that is happening. There is so many possibilities to this and nothing surprises me. I see the media are going after her with the father story for her to contact her. It’s getting interesting now to see what the outcome is going to be with William and Kate to see if they all appear together on Christmas Day.

have a great day PA and good points there😊❤️👍🙏


Fel where are u?

Hi anon. Haven’t gone anywhere just been busy but this circus is getting interesting.

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍

What happened to her face?

What happened?

Great pic anon. She was present at a fashion awards night, I love how she is squinting with no fat around her face or arms as she is supposedly carrying twins. LMAO!!!!

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏

Ponderings has an eyeache, not headache

Felix, that cradling bump mess hurts my eyes. What a fool. All I know is that even though this is complicated yet simple of a mess, she does take certain moments to basically say “up yours” to QEII and the RF. It has been written in books and articles over the years that one of the little things QEII doesn’t particular like personally is the word “pregnant” said in public. I think that’s a throw back to her generation along with British upper class mores. MM seems to purposely be “holding” her belly to draw as much attention as possible and I’m still on the fence as to why. It does not seem to appear she’s truly preggo but she could be. I’ve just never seen a pregnant woman look, progress like this, nor act like this with her belly. I really think she suffers from some pretty severe mental issues. She should be hospitalized and treated because her behavior is even on the outside extreme of a typical ego driven attention seeker. It’s just not normal. Even for acting. Even for over the top acting. On top of that, she just doesn’t converse in a normal way with anyone it seems. The only time I’ve seen her comfortable is in the presence of men with a glass of wine and high as the sky eyes. She, sadly, fits in that environment, which I actually think is sad. Who would wear that dress, pregnant, in the middle of winter, expecting possibly twins, at her age, and with those spindles for legs. In fact, how in the world did she walk across the stage without her Harry crutch. I’m telling you this girl needs to be admitting under a mental health hold, and I’m not even kidding or being snarky. She should not be procreating, she can’t even take care of herself. Felix, do you think she’s trying to be as inappropriate as much as possible? or do you think this really is just her?

Hi PA. I agree she is showing and holding her baby bump at every event to advertise that sh is pregnant. She is a mental case alongside Harry. Perfect match there as they both look like clown in front of the world. 

Have a great day PA 😊👍❤️🙏