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Skippy won’t admit BRF are in on the con, JD is now supporting the con artist

WHAT IS GOING ON FELIX? I don’t appreciate skippy blowing smoke up ph a$$ because she is a loyal royalist without proper discernment and can’t admit BRF lies & crimes because of their denial. But I also don’t appreciate JDs total 180, now telling us sh3 just wants Megxit to do the right thing. SERIOUSLY? She should want TRUTH, EXPOSURE, JUSTICE for this crime brought against the UK taxpayers. SOMETHING IS FISHY ABOUT BOTH OF THEM! It’s awfully disappointing! PLEASE, STAY TRUE FELIX! PLEASE! You were always the one reasonable and with common sense.

Hi anon.

Let’s begin. Firstly JD and myself haven’t changed any sides like some state. From the beginning we exposed MM and this relationship but at the end of the day the reality is that the Royal Family alongside with Harry accepted MM into the fold and as we all can see they are supporting her. That’s the honest truth.

At the end of the day Harry chose her as his wife and HM gave him his blessing to marry her which as we all saw all BRF members attended the wedding. HM has power in the UK and if they didn’t want MM there wouldn’t have been a wedding. So the question we have to ask is why did the queen attend the wedding?

The same thing with Archie. HM travelled all the way to Windsor Castle for a photo shoot. If they weren’t in support this would of been stopped a long time away but as we see the BRF are guilty in MM and Harry’s merching. The media are slowly beginning to publish about this as they wait for a birth certificate which MM and Harry will be forced to publish.

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I just tried multiple times to check out skippy’s tumblr. It’s not showing up. Does anyone know what’s happened or has she been shut down again? I don’t necessarily agree with the posts there, but i keep informed of what’s going on from as many sides as I can.

Hey anon.

I don’t know. I don’t visit her blog as there is no sources that go there. But if It has been shut down we wish her well and hope she can get the mental help which she needs🙏🙏🙏

Have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

NSW anon

Hi Felix,

Ive finally seen Archie’s intro which was very interesting. First of all MM gushed that the baby has the sweetest temperament. That is a big assumption about a 2.5 day old baby who basically only sleeps, cries, drinks and has their nappy changed However a mother is always biased about their baby so that’s understandable.

When the journo asks who the baby takes after MM says – ” I dont know were trying to work that out.” Harry says – ” Everybody says the baby changes so much in 2 weeks. ” He then hesitates and seems a bit lost for words so says – Were basically monitoring how the changing process happens in the next month basically.”

There is also talk of his looks are changing every single day ( when baby allegedly 2-3 days. It seemed obvious when watching the interview that they have had the baby for about 2 weeks, wherever he came from, and Harry tried to cover it up with the comment about monitoring for a month the changing process of the babys looks.

This scenario fits in with the Gayle King visit, the lack of doctors signatures and the stage managed comments by Dickie Arbiter. Harry and Meghan you will probably get away with this in the short term but the British media will not forget being frozen out so that you can ingratiate yourself with American media giants.

Some royal commentators are already starting to turn and drop hints They may leave a respectful few months after the birth of the baby and then they might unleash further. I think Sara Latham better watch out

I have to laugh at the interview though. Harry is simply incapable of following a script. MM also looks very stressed. ` Also as usual the BRF are implicated right up to the top.


Yes quite interesting seeing both their reactions at that interview. They both look lost presenting Archie to the world and Harry tried hard to be in control as MM looked quite lost trying to hang off him. I have to admit he is a cute little boy from the pics which I saw.

There are a lot of headlines coming out at the moment stating that the name Archie was a former pet cat of Meghan’s who passed away. It’s pretty strange naming a child after a pet. Plus I have heard on radio that most Royal watchers are not happy with the name as they wanted a more traditional name.

You.are absolutely right. The media are playing nice at the moment and Harry and MM will get away but I can see questions being raised in the future.

The tab GLOBAL has already printed an Article with the headline stating “Harry is not the father” let’s see if any other media outlets are going to begin publishing articles like that in the near future.

It’s all fun and games for these 2 but a feel sad for that poor innocent child that will have to go through this.

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NSW anon

Hi Felix,

The baby is born. I think they were really forced to announce it after articles saying it is dangerous to allow the baby to go more than a week overdue.

The announcement has not been signed off by the medical team! Probably because there was none. Surrogacy suspicions confirmed

I still think some sort of confidentiality clause has been signed with Oprah therefore no baby sightings.

I also think there is some truth in Harkles looking for LA house and MM will put her foot down to move there – with Harkles having some Oprah influenced media career – Oprah at the wedding, Oprah and Doria, Gayle King special and Oprah mental health doco. Next thing Harry will doing Africa docos for Oprah.

No wonder the Queen looked grim in the photo the other day. A lifetime of national service down the tubes so Dirty Harry and his Z list wife can let their celebrity hypocrites take over the Palace.

As usual the papers are full on sycophancy – with the race card being used. The public seems over it though.


Yes we have a new healthy baby boy weighing in at 3.2kg as Harry announced this morning to the media. So far we have no medical records only the words straight out of Harry’s mouth to the media this morning.

As we stated the other day you and I are pretty sure that they are going to be working with Oprah and the first time the world will see this child will be through These documentaries. We all know that MM wants a media career which she has struggled to gain apart from her role in Suits which Trevor got her in and as we can see MM doesn’t love living in The UK plus the Royal lifestyle is pretty boring so she will do anything to jump back to the US.

Now the question is, Can you see Harry the Hypocrite wanna be celebrity leaving the Royal perks to live a life in the US to join the US media? Let’s see if MM can get him to quit and move to the US. Tim3 will tell.

Have a great day NSW😊👍🙏❤️

Gayle King, (Oprah) mm/doria handler

Q says learn the comms, dog tweets used to communcte w fellow cabal members. Comey uses dog tweets to activate sleeper cells & to tell ds to make their move.
Mm doria handler Gayle king giving the green light w her grandmother tweet? Me thinks so! 

All true anon. Everything is planned to a tee. There is more going on in the background then we will ever know.

Have a great day anon and thanks for sharing.😊👍❤️🙏

NSW anon

Hi Felix,

I agree it is very out of character that publicity hungry MM has suddenly gone quiet for so long and the claim is that Harry and MM want to spend time with friends and family before making the baby announcement. I didnt know they had any. It could mean that something has gone wrong with the baby, which of course no-one would want. It may mean though that the surrogate is having second thoughts, or there are contract negotiations going on.with the surrogate.

t may also mean that MM has signed an enormous contract with Oprah, as Gayle King is in London to film a documentary about the Harkles plus baby. They may have signed a confidentiality clause about the baby. If they are keeping hush hush because of a deal with Oprah the Brits will be furious!

Another strange thing is Harrys planned trip to the Netherlands this week which has now been cancelled. It doesnt look like Harry wanted to spend too much time with Mum and Bub.

The whole thing is very strange and I do agree something has gone wrong. Even the PR and fake friends seem to have dropped off. This week will be very interesting indeed.


Great point you have raised about them keeping quiet due to the Oprah interview. We all know that MM loves herself and the cameras and she wouldn’t just want a traditional photo op with the child standing outside. The documentary is her way of saying that this child is more special then all others and it may be as you have stated above that they have signed a contract and are unable to speak until this doco comes out.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Now when was Harry’s trip to the Netherlands announced? It explains that the trip was made before anything was signed and that’s why they have canceled it due to him being present for the documentary to be filmed.

Whatever it is NSW it’s going to be interesting and we will wait and see if it’s a documentary that will announced in the coming days/weeks which will state that they have been keeping quiet. Plus why would Harry work with Oprah?

Have a great evening NSW😊🙏❤️👍

NSW anon

Hi Felix,

Hope you are having a good weekend.

No news of the baby and I wonder when the press will start questioning the timeline of the pregnancy.

It has been reported that MM was 12 weeks pregnant at Eugenies wedding. If this was true then she would be more than a week overdue now. However, Missy Higgins talked about her being 16 weeks pregnant during the Aust. tour. When she was walking around in NZ with Jacinda in the cream dress on October 30 she looked about 26 weeks pregnant.

Older mothers have a higher risk of stillbirth and other birth complications. Would the royal doctors really let an older mother go overdue by more than a week?. We all saw MM touring all over Zika zones though so the duty of care is obviously not there.

The latest PR drivel is the photos of MM at school and clearly she was very well taken care of by the family she never had. However, there is a video of 10 year old Meghan in the article that I have seen before that always creeps me out. Young Meghan is there with a tiny baby wrapped up on the pillow looking at her. ( I think it is one of her nephews) Most little girls cannot resist fussing over a tiny baby. However, young Meghan completely ignores the poor little baby and instead seems obsessed with the camera, walking right up to the lens with a crazy look on her face. I think it is an indication of the narcissist to come. It might also show what sort of mother she will be.


I have had a great weekend. I hope you have to.

Now over the last couple of days the media have begun to publish a few negative articles regarding both MM and Harry regarding the birth of this child due to the fact that they are not getting any info from the Royals.

it was claimed that she was 12 weeks pregnant at Eugenie’s  wedding but Missy Higgins stated that she was 16 weeks at the Aust tour which that would mean as you stated above that she is overdue by a few weeks.

NSW do you think that there is something wrong with this child? Just think about it. They where more then happy to make a big deal about her pregnancy which affected IG and the Australasian tour but all of a sudden they are protective about giving information and especially taking a pic with the newborn. We all know that MM loves the cameras and this pic would be another big step as she is now more of a Royal meaning that she is not just Harry’s wife she is the mother of his child.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the are going to act as they are waiting for any news. My guess is that they will continue to publish more negative articles which will force MM and Harry to announce when this child is born.

Lets wait and see. It’s going to be an interesting week ahead,

have a great evening NSW😊👍❤️🙏


Just read a ton of scandals and dark secrets about the brf and all these mysterious murders. I can see why the world doesn’t trust them nor take them seriously. Then mm comes into the picture and this is where she breaks everything and the world has had enough of the firm because of her. I see the pic now. I see that Harry married mm because they have similarities. Their not related. They both have relatives who are nazi fans. Etc. I can see why the world wants republican now. Too many wrongdoings. Some are just evil too.

Hi anon

Exactly when you open your eyes and look beyond this is exactly what you see.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏

queen sits in front of gold piano urging subject to pull together in this difficult time

this is the criminal who has been running the show, but, soon, not anymore! and yet, her loyal subjects (SHEEP) fell for the illusion, while BRF rake in millions and appear at ribbon cutting events wearing thousands of dollars of clothing on their whore bodies, (ie. mm), and going on fabulous vacations to exotic islands, leaving the people of UK struggling to make a living. WAKE UP PEOPLE OF UK! STOP THE BLOODY NONSENSE! VOTE THEM OUT OF THE CASTLE! DON’T TLET THEM CONTROL YOUR LIVES AND WALLETS ANY LONGER!

Quite true anon. I totally agree.

Have a great day😊👍❤️🙏

MM’s American family have a baby shower in her honor

Poor women, how will they deal when the truth of their criminal family member is exposed for fraud, how will they acknowledge her representing their family, and black women in such a poor awful way?

Hi anon.

Just a clickbait article above with no real content. Now the exposing for fraud is not going to happen as others may want you to believe. We know as the media have published about members of MM’s family having criminal records. So we all know that they aren’t angels.

The reality is if the BRF wanted to expose Meghan this would of happened before the wedding took place but now that she is part of the BRF any exposing of her exposes the rest of the BRF.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing😊👍❤️🙏