Ponderings has an eyeache, not headache

Felix, that cradling bump mess hurts my eyes. What a fool. All I know is that even though this is complicated yet simple of a mess, she does take certain moments to basically say “up yours” to QEII and the RF. It has been written in books and articles over the years that one of the little things QEII doesn’t particular like personally is the word “pregnant” said in public. I think that’s a throw back to her generation along with British upper class mores. MM seems to purposely be “holding” her belly to draw as much attention as possible and I’m still on the fence as to why. It does not seem to appear she’s truly preggo but she could be. I’ve just never seen a pregnant woman look, progress like this, nor act like this with her belly. I really think she suffers from some pretty severe mental issues. She should be hospitalized and treated because her behavior is even on the outside extreme of a typical ego driven attention seeker. It’s just not normal. Even for acting. Even for over the top acting. On top of that, she just doesn’t converse in a normal way with anyone it seems. The only time I’ve seen her comfortable is in the presence of men with a glass of wine and high as the sky eyes. She, sadly, fits in that environment, which I actually think is sad. Who would wear that dress, pregnant, in the middle of winter, expecting possibly twins, at her age, and with those spindles for legs. In fact, how in the world did she walk across the stage without her Harry crutch. I’m telling you this girl needs to be admitting under a mental health hold, and I’m not even kidding or being snarky. She should not be procreating, she can’t even take care of herself. Felix, do you think she’s trying to be as inappropriate as much as possible? or do you think this really is just her?

Hi PA. I agree she is showing and holding her baby bump at every event to advertise that sh is pregnant. She is a mental case alongside Harry. Perfect match there as they both look like clown in front of the world. 

Have a great day PA 😊👍❤️🙏


Ok, in the US this is the deal usually.

1. Women have eggs harvested. Eggs can be harvested and frozen for years. My friend had tons of hormones to be able to do this. She had issues.

2. Men donate sperm. In my friend’s case the sperm was used pretty quickly after submission (it wasn’t frozen).

3. Lab people inject eggs with sperm to create embryos. You need at least 1 viable one, but they create as many viable ones as they can with the eggs retrieved. In my friends case, they had several eggs, but only 2 eggs accepted the sperm to create embryos. One embryo was implanted into my friend and the other was frozen for use at a later date.

4. Before a woman is implanted with an embryo she is on massive amounts of hormones to get her body able to receive the embryo and have it attach properly. This part my friend HATED. You have to trick the body into thinking it is pregnant instead of trying to fight off the embryo.

5. Once the embryo is implanted and the woman’s body doesn’t reject it, you have to take it seriously easy, because there is a risk of miscarriage. Something like only 30% of embryos take. In my friend’s case the first one took, and she had a relaxed pregnancy, but was on bed rest for the last 2-3 months. 2 years later she was implanted with the second embryo and she made it to month 4 1/2, but the baby miscarried suddenly and without warning. I do not know the circumstances, but this is common and one of the risks associated with IVF.

6. Embryos can also be frozen for many years. Sophia Vergara was in a famous court case with her ex, who wanted custody of their embryos. She refused as she knew he was just after child support if the babies were successfully born. Ultimately, he never got custody, but I believe she had to pay him something to give up the fight.

Hi anon. Thanks for sharing this info with us, Very interesting on the way it works.

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nsw anon

Hi Felix,

About the Van Straubenzee memorial, I note MM did a speech that could have been titled Ode to Narcissism, and Harry supposedly gave a speech about MMs work on menstrual health. These 2 are so desperately embarrassing. I wish people would stop giving them speeches, it feeds their egos and they have absolutely no sense of socially appropriate behaviour.

I also notice at MMs appearance at the university the next day MMs bump seemed to have gone in to hiding.

Felix, what is your impression of the press fallout at the time of her pregnancy ( we were all Waiting fir this prior to the wedding. It seems astonishing that BRF would not go into protection mode. To me there are 2 explanations. –

She’s not pregnant and they are trying to bring her down for this debacle without implicating Harry., or

She is pregnant but the divorce is on and she is threatening to take the baby. Ive got to say Harry doesn’t seem too concerned about the little baby.

Hi NSW. I did miss that with all the things going on at the moment leading up to Christmas. I agree people need to stop inviting these 2 to events. They have become an embarrassment.

Now regarding the Pregnancy it’s going to be interesting to see if the Monarchy will place a ban on the UK media to publish anything negative towards them.

It’s going to be hard to just bring her down as they are all connected now and they will also take a massive hit. Plus even is she is really pregnant the child is the Monarchy’s property and as we see with Both Diana and Fergie the children stay and live in the palace. Plus if there is Divorce it will suit MM not to have the child as she will be partying and praying to find her new rich target without the hassle of babysitting.

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Carol service

Ok Felix now this is very odd. The Narc and her man-child attended the carol service for Harry’s friend who died in a car accident when he was 18! That’s like 15 years ago and waaayyy before MM came on to the scene. But at a gathering of friends and family to commemorate this man, Markle gives a speech! She never ever met him.

And she looks huge, a fact that she’s proudly displaying. Courtesy of her “pregnancy” her “magic boobs” are bigger and she’s gone to church with her cleavage on full display. (Everyone else is covered up appropriately for the venue and the weather!)

And a question for anons who might know about This sort of thing. If in fact the Harkles have used IVF, is there only 1 egg fertilised at a time? If they fertilise more than one, do they have to implant them all? This woman is wicked – I bet she’s got frozen embryos in storage so that even when she leaves or he ditches her, she can keep having PH’s cash machines, sorry I mean children.

Anyway the speech at the memorial service for a childhood friend of PH was bizarre.

Thanks Felix! ❤️

Hi anon.  Ooops I missed it lol. Been Busy these days is hard to catch up with this drama. So it did happen.  I would love to know what she said as she never knew him in person. 

It could be true that she has frozen embryos and has used them. Time will tell. You are spot on she will keep on having Harry’s cash machines as she is only interested in global fame with a wealthy lifestyle.

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I noticed that Harry uses his guards for dirty work. Why?

Hi anon. What do you mean hat Harry use his guards for Dirty Work. Could you please elaborate on that for us.?

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So here we have mm who thinks she’s better than anyone just because if sine artificial title that is never a birth title that holds ground. Now I hear her popularity is going down. So what’s h gonna do now? Because their going down hill. Didn’t h marry m specifically because of popularity as a celebrity not for love?

Hi anon. Harry is going to cry as his popularity has fallen as well, That’s what he wanted and got played by her pretending to be the next Diana. To bad the public saw right through her from day one and didn’t believe in the lies her PR teams kept on publishing.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏


Is Harry really labeled as Dirty Harry because he loves sex so much? If this is true then he’s really gross.

Hi anon. Dirty Harry?? I haven’t heard that before apart from the American film series. Well he likes to party and get drunk as we have seen.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏


Do you think it will bother Meghan if Harry was out and about with other women? Would she get angry? Also, Meghan’s duchess of Sussex is really an artificial title which means she has no power like one who has a birth title? Everyone say she is a fraud how true is it?

Of course she would and she would scream on the top of her lungs to the world how the Royal Family have mistreated her and probably demand a lot of money. The Title has ben given to her by HM. She hasn’t got any power as harry is the 6th inline and will never be King, She is just his wife to make up the numbers.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏  

NSW anon

Hi Felix,

I just thought Id comment on the latest MM little publicity story.

According to the Daily Mail MM has been asked to do a reading for the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial fund christmas carol event , set in honour of Harry and Wills aristo friend who was killed in a car accident. Daily Mail says Harry has become somewhat estranged from his aristo pals since MM came on the scene and this could mend fences.

I wish the publicity seeking of this horrible couple would just stop. If it is really true that MM is doing a reading who is leaking it to the press, and when are people going to learn she makes things all about herself?

I remember this same event from last year when Cress gave a reading and megs wasn’t even there.

Yes true NSW. I don’t now who true this is and when is it? Well if it’s coming up shouldn’t have meg being giving a reading last year as by that time so was officially engaged to Harry. . We know that the press like to create stories as well to make some profit but just ignore and lets see if she actually attends this year. 

Thanks NSW

nsw anon

Hi Felix,

Hope you are well.

Im glad PA asked the question about the Markles, as I was also thinking of asking it. I have to say I dont agree with the opinion that the Markles are in on it for the following reasons –
– MM has a very long history of ghosting people. There are many sources and the evidence is overwhelming.
– MM networks up and associates with people who are on brand. The wedding guest list says it all. MMs overweight ageing father, wheelchair bound sister and dv brother are simply not on brand enough for her and not good enough to associate with the Clooneys or Beckhams.
– MM also doesnt appear to associate with other non brand relatives such as Dorias family.
– Harry described his family as the family MM never had. Not only rude and dishonest but also hypocritical now we hear what is really going on behind the scenes.
– Previously when the Markles spoke lots of people felt sorry for MM. However, now MMs mean personality has been exposed, such as the tour and her treatment of the staff, Eugenie, Kate and especially little Charlotte. Finally people are feeling sorry for Thomas and wont believe Meghan again. Its like the Emporers New Clothes.
– Harry hasnt even met Thomas and MM hasnt met him since she hooked up with Harry. If Thomas dies without a reconciliation MM and Harry look cold and heartless beyond redemption.
– This saga is incredibly damaging for the Harkles. If the Markles are all in on it together with MM it is an incredibly convoluted and high risk strategy. Why wouldnt the whole family just enjoy the benefits of associating with the Royals rather than create this drama.

I was very interested to hear the story of the wedding with Trevor. Im a bit naive but how many people give a bag of marijuana to the guests at a wedding? I know marijuana isnt as heavy as other drugs but she is really quite brazen.

Could it be that MM is a drug dealer as well as a yachter? That would explain her luxury lifestyle and international travel. It would also explain her hold over Harry despite photographic evidence to the contrary, as well as the Harkles scruffy appearances, mad behaviours and mood swings.

Hi NSW. All well here as I have some time to catch up on the answering you wonderful submissions. I hope you are doing well.

Now Regarding The Markle’s. Something is happening due to the fact that her father has come out defending her as in the previous weeks the media took a different turn from the love story. Why would he do that??? We know that she has ghosted them. 

If anything he should of attacked her as well as she didn’t make it public that she cares about him or any other of the family apart from Doria. Even Samantha visited Kensington Palace just before the tour and was basically shown the door out in a nice way as she made it clear that she was in London to try and get MM to contact her ill father. 

We know that she didn’t invite him to the wedding and that was just a game that they played. So by this it’s shows that the whole family are in it to make some quick cash, 

Realistically her father shouldn’t be giving any interviews full stop. But it shows that they are all Fame and money hungry.

Have a wonderful evening NSW😊❤️👍🙏