So that’s it. that’s how you bring Skippy down? What happened to the threat you made before the tour, the one where you were promising to ‘reveal the truth’ about her? After reading all these blogs for a few months I’m starting to think that you’re all as bad as each other and need to get a life if all you can go on about is bloody Markle. Yes she’s annoying but I’ve come to the conclusion that the royal family deserve what they get with her. If she is the cause of their downfall, tough luck. They’ve let it happen.

I am as bad as her? Did you read that post? It seems that you didn’t. Plus for the second part of your submission what do you think I have been saying for the last couple of months?

Have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

Social media

Meghan desperately wants her SM back and splitting the households is her way of getting it KP were not going to allow her and her nasty sugars run rampant with KPs Twitter and instagram. Meghan is very media savvy it’s how she control her career. This is going to be an even bigger headache for the family I see nothing good come out of this. Harry has always protected his privacy and now she wants to turn her marriage into a complete shit show for the world to see. Harry’s is going to curse the day he married her.

Hi anon. At the moment there has still been no official announcement from the Palace regarding any of this happening and the reason behind it. So until it officially gets announced it’s only a rumour by the media. We will soon find out as Christmas in approaching.

Have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

nsw anon

Hi Felix,

Great to see you back. I hope you have had a chance to catch up on all the latest drama. It has been fun to watch H and MM put back in their box.

I 100 per cent believe the story about Harry;s tantrum and saying ” what Meghan wants Meghan gets ” This fits in with stories of him chucking tantrums to get engaged and other stories of his nasty behaviour. The reports also say there was a heated exchange. I wonder who this was with? No wonder the Queen looked daggers at the wedding.

Now the Harkles have been exposed as the greedy bullies they are. As MM has worn so many expensive clothes since getting married the tiara story is very easy to believe.

Now they have been put in their place, MM has momentarily lost her extreme smugness. See her sooky look on the balcony when standing next to the German Presidents wife says it all – pride comes before a fall.

The question I have is – why is he takedown starting now? Obviously the tour has prompted things but would the BRF really expose her if she was genuinely pregnant? That seems a bit unlikely. Unless their behaviour was so bad the BRF have no choice.

If MM is pregnant I feel so sorry for the child. What a hideous marriage to be born into, with 2 selfish reckless parents.

Happy birthday to Prince Charles. Its been fun to watch all the European Royals rock up to the party. They’re probably all related of course.

Hi NSW. It’s great to be back and glad you have dropped in. Great post. Yes we all saw that sulked look from MM standing by herself alongside the wife of the German President and not being next to Kate, Camilla and the Queen.

Well Harry showed his true colours as we saw on the tour. He played the media. He chose her and had all these hissy fits to get her to the altar. Now we know why HM wasn’t pleased on the wedding day as they both where stating for HM to give MM that tiara but it didn’t work in their favour as they had to go and elsewhere to find one for MM to wear.

Now regarding on the takedown  the heated exchanges are between both of them. As we have heard since 2016 these 2 fight like dogs. MM demands and Harry caves in. She wears the pants,

I would of loved to hear what the Queen said to them after returning from the tour as things have changed. Harry looked so depressed last weekend. Have you seen the latest pics with them alongside Charles? Have a look at both pics and you will see that Harry is forcing a smile. It’s not his genuine smile which we have seen in the past as in the second pic she looks like a wacko laughing out of place.

Her traits come from her parents and they have shown us their true colours over the months. But the whole family is vile seeking money since the statement come out in 2016 selling pics to the tabs to make a quick buck…

Happy 70th birthday to the prince of Wales. As all the European royals attended to celebrate his special day. Yes in some form they are all related. I would like to know if MM made a scene or was invited to the big bash?

have a wonderful evening NSW😊🙏👍❤️

NYC & Skippy

Hi Felix. I don’t want to be negative, Skippy’s page was the first blog I found so I will be grateful to her for that but I agree with the anon about the vacuous 24 hr posting and I think Skippy’s mental state has declined. I don’t mean this in a cruel way but I think she is mentally exhausted. I actually asked Skippy how she could be sure that MM was thrown out in December 2016 given the source was NYC. The reply was non-committal. It’s very sad to see this, she needs a break. I’m not expecting a response and tbh I don’t want one because I don’t want to “stir the pot”.

Hi anon. I had told her to get some rest multiple times and she kept on having a go at me that it’s her life and her blog. We all see her decline and as I have pointed out Skippy shot her credibility by attacking a source claiming that She is a fraud but still running with the story. That’s insane and I do want her to go seek some professional help as she has lost family members which has affected her mental state.

The problem is that she has put all her time into this and is getting angry at the world because she doesn’t want to see the truth being a Royalist. She is hooked on this fantasy and doesn’t allow her anons to express their views. That’s not the community JD, NYC, AHPF, Banadrama, belgiumeyes, vintage and I began on tumblr which was way before Skippy arrived.

in the early days we where calling out the media for their lies as we could see that the stories published didn’t add up. No it’s different from the moment she is a Royal Member. We have to question the motives of the BRF members for allowing her to join,

There are a lot of theories on what has happened as we touch on all of them but it’s still early days to begin to figure out what is actually going on behind Palace walls. So as JD and I have stated we all need to relax and be patient as the truth will eventually begin to come out and also have a laugh as both of them keep on performing their bad acting to the world.

Have a wonderful day anon😊🙏👍❤️

I don’t think they are getting their own court

I don’t think H&M are getting their own court per se. I think they are separating officially from Will and Kate, so W&K don’t get mixed in with H&M’s stupidity and so Will establishes himself independently as the POW.

Charles has wanted to streamline the monarchy and he wants all pr running from the top down. That would mean BP running pr for all royals, except maybe the POW, which would likely be run in conjunction with that office anyway. The decentralization that currently exists is a horrible way to run things for any business. H&M will likely get certain things like twitter where Meg can post whatever, but the duties and main pr will be run from whatever office Charles puts in place. He and Will know it is ridiculous and makes them all look foolish. My instinct is they will tighten things up.

As far as Meg’s secret “additional” pr (the Sunshine Sachs and whoever else), I don’t know how they will handle this. Maybe they let her keep it, maybe not, but it is super expensive for her to maintain. My assumption is that she pays for it with her merching money. If BP curtails H&M’s events, then M’s merching gets reduced, thus less money to pay pr firms and fewer sponsors to have her merch their goods. I think they will not outright say you cannot hire pr firms, but they will not give her the venues to make the merching monies to pay for it, so it will disappear over time. That is a subtle way to hit her pocketbook. They pay her living expenses, so she really shouldn’t require that extra income, right???? I think this traps her with Harry and Harry with her a bit. They will be miserable.

hi anon. Great points. I agree Charles wants to control all PR from the top down as you stated. There will be changes when he ascends to the thrown. Regarding her merching. She is definitely paying for it through the money she gets from these clothing deals. Plus she must be getting a discount her PR firm on the profile that she has married giving them al, the latest scoops which they sell to the tabs.

Well something happened after the Aus tour as Harry didn’t look to happy with her at the Remembrance ceremony last weekend. I bet the queen had a go at both of them as they made the Aus tour into a holiday and showed that they are not willing to work as they both represented the Queen.

Have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️


I found that when the stomach during pregnancy shrinks and fluctuates to Growing again. It means that the baby isn’t growing correctly and forming properly. Her wearing tight clothes and pants with a belt can also murder the baby. This woman is psychotic.

Hi anon. Yes great post. Yes I have heard this aswell. Well we all hope she isn’t pregnant for the sake of the child as we see her tummy flactuate day by day during the tour. So know we play the waiting game to see if there will be any shock announcement from the Palace regarding a miscarriage.

have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

Anonymous y

Be ready I think mm is gonna try to apply moles one on her upper lip on the other side hence her fat one on the other and one off to the side of her face. Even her fiend friend wants to apply artificial ones too in the same place. Mm wants to show people she’s smart in science so be ready for impact. Also she’s obvious copying another woman because she’s trying to prove to the world she is Asian with those large eyeliner Egyptian like makeup over her eyes again. But she ain’t Asian never will be nor German British etc. she’s just a black African American. And she ain’t no singer either. I’ve heard her sing blah not good. Even her friend can’t sing. I pity that baby bump she has fluctuating in size. I hope the baby ain’t deform because of her stupid purposely wearing tight clothes. I think she’s trying to murder that baby because she found out she won’t get money later on.

Hi anon I am not seeing the Asian thing. She already did that while going after Cory. Now we know she can’t sing like we know she can’t act. Well regarding the baby we need to be certain that she is really pregnant in the first place. Well time will tell as we wait to hear from the Palace if there is going to be a miscarriage, if this doesn’t happen by the end of December then we can safely say that there wil, be a child arriving in the UK spring.

have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

Meghan lied a lot and the whole world caught all of her lies including on film!

Ok so what is up with their whole tour? I kept hearing people wooing at Harry and the rest booing at Meghan and calling out her name. But also telling her she isn’t an artist and the artist is nice. Are they trying to tell her she’s not a singer and that the singer she’s picking on is nice? Are they trying to tell her off because she lied to them? Which I heard bystanders yelling out loud calling her out as a liar. Also, I heard Meghan tell people that the Asian girl Harry was going to marry was unkind. And she liked rolled her eyes saying it. Even was caught on film lying about it too. As the whole world told her off and said that the Asian girl is super kind. So what’s she getting now Felix? Is she getting nipped in the butt it lying about being a singer, saying the singer is unkind, and that the Asian girl is unkind and wasn’t the one Harry chose? Interesting tour btw on how she got caught lying.

Hi anon where did you hear this? I haven’t heard anything or seen any video that has a recording stating that people from the crowd here in Australia where booing and stating that she is not an artist or singer.

Have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

“I just think Meghan’s a slight social climber” – Piers Morgan | The Late Late Show

Social Anon here. I saw this youtube video, not sure if you saw it, but it is what we all have been thinking about MM :

Hey Social anon. Thanks for stopping by again and sharing this with us. Yes Piers Morgan has it in for her after she used him to get her name out in 2016 with the interview at the pub, can you picture what she promised him and what happened for Piers to come out firing like this? I can’t wait for Piers to spill the whole truth..

have a great day Social Anon😊🙏👍❤️

Ponderings here

I’m not sure if MM is really pregnant but for many reasons I hope she’s not, and the most important of those reasons being for the child’s sake. MM appears to exhibit serious mental issues as well as PH exhibit’s his own version of mental weaknesses also, this kid doesn’t have a hope. Her “cupping” photos are the most idiotic I’ve ever scene. If this is the new Hollywood Kardashian type crap, all they will do is continue to lose followers, both the Sussex’s and Hollywood. It is clearly apparent since the PC articles came out this week, the BRF are playing a chess game with “someone”. Since the BRF family are basically the figurehead for the elite global power families, then it’s not them so to speak. The full distaste MM leaves in everyone’s mouth is rooted in a deep revenge of sorts towards the BRF. It’s very clear it’s personal. MM is a fool, she’s not acting per se, she’s just being her natural crazy, manic, slutty self. I think she was hired and told to be just herself. Harry was an easy mark, as was Andrew in his day (and probably still is). So who has links to European “yacht” market, Hollywood, and doorways into British society—-AND has a serious vengeance towards BRF and especially PP? Common denominator would be Fayed. Middle Eastern enemies are well know for their patience, and will plan, prep, and wait until correct moment to “quietly” wreak havoc. This patience can last years, decades. Dodi moved is some scandalous circles in Hollywood it is said. Diana was no saint. She knew what she was getting into taking that vacation to the Mediterranean or rather if she didn’t, she soon learned quickly she was possibly out reach of the protection of the royal family. The boys were protected by virtue of who they were. But Diana was an easy mark. Harry is his mother made over. He’s collateral damage to the “who” behind all this. It’s interesting the timing of this is at the end of PP career and his twilight years. Someone wanted PP to know and to feel pain over this but not have as much power and virility left to do much of anything about it. MM is most embarrassing to the RF and in the most personal way. Fayed tried all the mainstream ways to begin with to bring out in the open what he thought was a cover up. None of the worked. And who really knows what the reason, fault, meaning is behind the accident. Fayed has always been vocal that he felt the BRF especially PP would never have allowed Dodi to be married to Diane and a stepfather to her boys since he was Egyptian and a Muslim. What better way to get revenge but to target one of those “royal” boys with a biracial, religion changing with the wind, Hollywood B type actress, with a creepy fascination for Diana. It’s truly embarrassing the way she tries to channel Diana. It’s like she’s been told to do this. Surely she’s not this mental naturally. Why else all the Diana references in the media. Just think of how much all MM media costs, the articles, the trolls, the bots, etc….it would take a billionaire to fund it. Who would want to through millions at embarrassing the Royal family? Many might like to, but how many would actually be ok with putting millions toward a budget for this purpose. Someone with a burning revenge. I would even go as far to say it’s not even revenge – it’s a reckoning. Who else would love to see the royal family have to acknowledge a “mixed” blood royal baby. MM would not necessarily have to know the details behind this, she could have been hired and told to be herself and promised that she would be bankrolled. Fayed bankrolled Dodi’s foray into being a Hollywood producer, so he would still have connections to that world. MM has no morals at all, and she’s such a con artist, she was perfect for this role. Fayed probably knows enough BRF secrets or enough from behind the curtain to know how to exactly “wound” them. After seeing the Sussex tour, there are no words for how ludicrous MM makes everyone, including herself, look. Out of all the Royals, QEII and William, seem somewhat isolated from this, but I think that’s because they both focus on their job at hand and staying in their lanes. PC is another matter, he’s having to play into this, cause he sold his soul to the freebie train a long time ago and he “owes” so many people for those freebies, he’s caught but he’s so idealistic, he won’t really care. He just wants to set on the throne one day with his crown and take his king name, be coronated and he’d be fine if it only lasted a week, he just wants to get there. William does not seem to be targeted in this at all, except having to watch his younger stupid brother suffer. But William is similar to the Queen in he’s able to view it from afar and accept that Harry made his choices, many of them are mistakes. William can see that clearly and knows he can’t save his brother, only himself. That’s how it is for all of us. We can only save ourselves. The “who” I don’t think is trying to bring down the crown, just embarrass it. And let them know, he did get his revenge on them. Some people blubber about a NWO and other conspiracy mess, but if any of that were true, of what value would it be to bring down one of their own supposed figureheads and power centers? Nope, I think it’s an age old tale of revenge and someone who can afford to fund it, who is at the twilight of his life as well. This is a chess game. It moves like a chess game. It even has the timing and flow of a chess game. Who will win? And what exactly is won? I think we’ve already seen the “win”….she’s there and she’s hideous. But the game is not over. The BRF stiff upper lip and decorum is famous and as we are watching, we can see why it’s famous. You can’t help, whether friend or foe, but be in awe of their not giving even a mild “f#%k”. So what she gets to do a few things with them. Crumbs. So what she has Harry’s kid. She will never be one of them and we all know that. She’s not capable. Harry is turning to be somewhat of a black sheep like his uncle Andy, his child will fulfill that role as well probably. It’s a cycle. Harry needs to man up and break it. But if it is Fayed and Fayed does have the proof that something can be linked back to the RF and/or PP, then Harry is stuck. The most responsible thing he could do at this point, is not have a child with her. But we may be past that point too. What a mess.

another brilliant post PA.😊🙏👍❤️