Sicko mm and royals

Allegedly, that cut on her finger is part of spirit cooking devil worship sacrifice ritual w children? Australia has a big underground cabal connected to the worldwide satanic pedo cabal. Possibly she did her ritual to advance her further, ie the splitting the court. Yep, as Amon previously said. The cutting of fingers is part of the sick evil rituals that furthers their log in life. These ppl are sick! GOD BLESS US AND PROTECT US FROM THEM!

hi anon. Thank you for your input. I didn’t know about the satanic  underworld pedo cabal in Australia. I know of it’s existence but we need more proof to place MM on that just by having a bandaid on her finger.

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Wow Felix the Ponderings post was great Thanks anon! I will admit I had believed Harry could make an important contribution and I have been very disappointed by his total collapse in that department.

Hi anon. Yep PA is wonderful and all the posts are great to read as they touch on so many facts regarding this circus. True Harry could have made an important contribution but as you see he decided to become a celebrity instead of a Royal.

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News and Silence

We are often assured on these websites – and I believe it – that MM is actually living at SoHo farmhouse in Wiltshire (with perhaps some stays in SoHo London.) But we never get any photos of the cars going or leaving either way. For instance, where did she go right after landing from the Australia tour? To Nottingham Cottage for tea? Quick debrief at Buckingham Palace? Complete mystery. There must be some paparazzi who can point a camera after a rather slowly-moving official vehicle. This shows the power of the BRF over the news media, complete control. Even worse, we have had no official announcement re the real/false pregnancy, surely the BRF’s priority would have been a medical examination to confirm and clarify. Again, silence.

Hi anon. Quite true. Yep no paps following them around in the UK and it shows that the BRF have some power over the media. Now regarding the miscarriage announcement as one of the previous anons estimated the timeframe from the media. The BRF have until the end of December to announce which will make it 20 weeks. After that time they would need to prove that she was really pregnant. So let’s wait and see what is going to happen.

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Hi Felix so JD is on a dm article? Wow what did she say and what happened? What’s the scoop on Meghan?

Hi anon. Yes got mentioned on the DM. It’s fantastic news as JD has worked really hard and has been blogging on this before the statement come out in 2016. So we applauded her for her awesome work over the last 2 years.

Now she got mentioned for publishing a post stating that MM had surgery on her foot a few months ago and the DM picked up on that as they published an article.

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Know your busy but EMERGENCY 🚨!! ALERT!!

Felix know your busy but emergency 🚨 !! Jess m has a ps nose! So where did they get the tip of the nose? It def. does not match the bridge of her nose. You can clearly see that the daily mail misplaced the tip of the nose as you can see where it has been cut. Plus the skin color changed to white on the tip of the nose. I think she got this nose from another. I think she’s trying to take credit from someone else’s name and work by adding parts of the person’s face and body to fit onto her. I also believe she had the dm do it for her too.

hi anon. I wouldn’t be surprised if JM sends DM the pics she wants to be published in the articles. We all know that no paps follow her and again she like MM hires her own paps and has the pics Photoshopped as you have just seen.

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Ok found a secret JM does. On her I gotta she’s totally ps her body and face to shrink it down and look youthful. In the dm pics it shows how she really looks.

cool anon it doesn’t surprise me one bit as these people are image conscious.

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So my cousin lives in LA and does a lot of gardening for Hollywood people. So I was visiting and after a cou-le of drinks he starts talking about the wedding. He over heard a couple of his clients laughing about how MM played PH. She was willing to sleep with anyone who would help her career and was always looking for the next big catch. apparently no one is speaking out as they want to see how far she goes and are enjoying the show.

Hi anon. Interesting. Thank you for sharing this. Yes I agree these individuals would be having a ball laughing at her as she can’t act the part in front of the whole world.

have an awesome day anon, feel free to let us know if you hear anything else.😊🙏👍❤️


Ponderings disappointed

As much as I’m disappointed the RF hasn’t handled this better, though I wasn’t a hard core fan nor a hater, but I thought they were stronger than this and more rigid. One reason for the support they have enjoyed for so long is the fact they “appeared” to be the grown ups in the room or the one factor everyone could count on to respond in their own stiff slightly odd way but that was ok because it was expected. But the more resounding disappointment is in the journalist. Once upon a time you could tell the serious papers/mags from the trash/gossip ones. Now they all look the same, sound the same, act the same, and many are owned by the same parent company. So the big lesson everyone should learn from the MM puke is: making money is the name of the game period. Whether it’s MM, the mags, the clothes designers (of which many of them should lose their designation as a designer by the looks MM has forced onnl the public), and even the RF. The RF doesn’t actually make “money” thru their reputations but they earn “Goodwill” (which does rise and fall daily like the stock market). This Goodwill is invaluable to them because it keeps them in place. Papers/mags have always been there to make money but at least in the past they actually wanted writers who could write an interesting article but still adhere to the “facts” or at least look like it. I’ve yet to peruse one article on MM (I’ve quit reading them months ago) which is not full of writing mistakes, contradicts itself throughtout, wrong pronouns used, and has no purpose whatsoever. I know these are from her PR but for gosh shakes hire people who can write. I know you all read here. Believe me you are utter faliures on every level. They are boring and written on level of 12-14 yr olds. Why? They can’t buy crap this girl is pushing. MM is hoping to Target this group because by the time she’s divorced and back in the States she’s probably planning to run for some political office and that’s her future voting block and she’ll remind them she lived their fairytale for her. Because they certainly can’t afford the clothes she wears. Her jewelry is tacky and none of it is memorable. But she’s not trying to target a discernable class of people. She’s targeting the class of people she comes from because that’s all she truly understands. She’s a 14 yr old personality disturbed girl in an almost 40 yr old body. I’m so disappointed the media has bought into this at all and have thrown whatever credibility down the toilet. Especially the older Royal reporters/writers. THEY know better. They will never be taken seriously again, even if down the road they say RF asked them to play along. Well if you did it for that reason, I think that’s even worse. Gosh sakes stand up for yourselves and take back your industry….oh but you can’t cause your already sold out and owned by everyone else. Don’t worry your not alone, your one step behind the craziness in the US. Not one media outlet is trusted nor believed anymore. It doesn’t matter which side they are own, all sold their soul to the devil. So we all should be thankful for MM. She has truly shown the real sides of people caught in a tight spot. I’m still laughing cause the winners so far are William/Kate and family who everyone loves to whine and say their boring, they don’t work, they avoid the press, they are mean to the press, they don’t kiss Charles ass, they stand up to the Queen ( which I imagine they do in respectful manner). Well guess what folks, so far the only backbone I’m seeing is William. He and the Queen have shown the most dignity (well minus his kissing MM cheek outside the Abby and the Queen letting her ride the train). Which the only reason that creepy stalker girl wanted to ride the train is because Diana mentioned the Royal train a good bit in her book. MM been using Diana’s book as her playbook since the beginning. I’m still not quite sure how anyone can miss the manic look in this girls eyes and her condescending manner in talking to people. I’m so disappointed in everyone. But cheers to the Cambridges. I’ve never believed in skipping generations but William is more ready to act like a king right now than his father. PC should have never negotiated with this tramp of a girl. She does not appear to have a soul. You should always run from people like that as fast as you can. It really makes you wonder what they are hiding. Gosh it better be worth it for the public having to look at this girl and hear that irritating cold voice of hers and watch those claws as hands. What was everyone thinking on this one! And the media can go crawl under a rock next to Markles rock. I always feel like I need to go take a shower when I see her pics. I really hope there’s an end in sight Felix.

well sad PA. Another brilliant post here. There is an end in sight but for the time being we all have to be patient and see how this will unfold. You are absolutely correct about the media. The are caught on publishing articles at an instant to make cash without proof reading and that’s why we see so many typo errors in these articles.

Thanks PA😊🙏👍❤️❤️

Baby Timetable

Looking at an old baby book, it says that any likely birth date is nine calendar months and seven days from conception. That makes it 37 weeks. Two weeks either side is also possible. So, if the pregnancy began at the end of July, and it is a fake, the ‘miscarriage’ can be planned for Christmas. August/September/October/ November = 16 weeks. Then add 3 weeks (+a few days in July = 20 weeks.) It has been pointed out that any loss of a foetus at the 20 week mark has to be medically registered as a stillbirth. That is when we will find out what is really happening here.

quite true anon. At the moment the Palace have kept quiet about it and the media have backed off the subject. Now let’s see if there will be any announcement coming in the next couple of months or is she really pregnant???

So if this timeframe is true as pointed out via the media then end of December would have to be the cutoff for an announcement as as you stated after the 20 week stage she would need to prove that she was really pregnant according to an announcement by the Palace being made. Interesting times ahead anon.

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