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Hi Felix. Got a new trail on the horizon, ole Epstein, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. I’m thinking the positive press for the York girls ever since the nightmare wedding of the century back in May, has been a kind and loving gift from QEII to her granddaughters because she knew they were going to need it when the shit hit the fan on their dad again. It’s a shame that when you take large amounts of money, coupled with power, and throw in kids and women that something terrible will happen and the kids and the women are always going to come out on the losing side. What’s sadder is when women are in a position of power, either they can’t or don’t choose to help end such crimes. Power and money is a potent elixir to men I’m afraid. I’ve worked in a powerful male dominated career my whole life and I’ve never had a problem. I firmly believe, in most cases it’s what choices the women allow into their world and situations they allow themselves in. That’s not said to take away from what I know is forceful rape out in the world by vile, evil souled, angry men. That’s another whole category. Those either need mental help or lock up throw away key or just ending. This pedo crowd is another whole level of twisted thinking. Anyone is fooling themselves it they don’t think everyone, I mean everyone, at the top, the head leaders, all know about it. It’s their friends, family members, co-workers, etc. for goodness sakes doing it. One generation teaches the next, they indoctrinate them what their money and power buys them access too. Do you really think an Ex US president has taken 26 flights on Epsteins plane to an island to discuss political strategies? Do you think PA has gotten caught so many times and his own mother who provides him protection doesn’t know what he was up to? Does anyone believe the family has not known what Harry gets up to all these years? Of course they do. They keep the important ones “clean”. Andrew nor Harry are in a serious position of being king, they are allowed to reprehensible if they choose. William would never have been allowed their kind of freedom. Charles, is a story all to himself. Hoping for a short reign there. He’s always had questionable friends. Interesting stories hitting the papers in the US, gonna touch the political world of the UK and some of Europe before it’s over with. But sadly, it won’t fix any of it, it will continue. Till the end of days I imagine. Sex and money is what literally makes the world around I believe. Harry is small potatoes and MM is not even as important as the dirt on the potato skin. At least it is starting to become an amusing Markle thing to watch. The other is just sad, such a waste of money and energy. They all should hold their heads in shame at the countless people hurt. It wll be interesting to see who’s left standing. Ciao for now!

Hi PA. Sorry I missed this post from you but interesting as we all know that Prince Andrew is involved in this but will get immunity and walk away scot free. It pays to be a British Royal as you get protection for life and the best of everything like Lawyers etc…

Exactly it is going to be interesting on who is left standing.

thanks PA😊❤️🙏👍


Hey Felix doc how are the British military controlled by the Queen use these psychotronic weapons in secrecy? I just wondered about this because I read this in like a discovwet or history channel and thought you might know of this. Curious that’s all. ANd did Harry marry Meghan because of some popularity gain but yet he realises now she isn’t popular but the opposite which is unpopular and now he could be searching in secret for someone else who is popular than her? Just love to know this Felix that’s all. Oh and love what u have to say because your really right on with your true rational responses. Ty

Hi anon I haven’t heard of such a weapon. Harry married Meghan because she presented herself like Diana and he has fallen for it. That’s why there was a wedding in less then 2 years of dating…

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Those bruises mm had before some are surgeries but I get the feelings since Harry is a bad husband those bruises might be caused by him. Not all bruises but some. Mm tells the world how she has a good life with him
And tells all the women in the world to admire her even to feel envious over her. But what do you say?

Hi anon. That’s a difficult question to answer about any abusing going on or has gone on between them. Most Bruises are from surgeries and we have heard that she cut herself to get what she wants as do all Narcs. 

But in reality if that was really going on. Wouldn’t she get out of the relationship??? Is that the price of FAME!! As you can see she hasn’t got a good life and it’s slowly showing which hasn’t been a year into their marriage,

Have a great day anon 

Diplomatic Event

Hello Felix, I saw the pictures in the news of Camilla, QE and Kate wearing their tiaras however there was no sight of Megsy. Do you think they barred her from attending that event? If so, do you think Megsy was angry?

Hi anon. It’s got  do with the event. e both know that both Camilla and Kate will both fill the role Queen Consort as Harry is to far down the line. Also you must be talking about the state banquet which Kate and Camilla attended along with the other senior Royals whilst MM and Harry where both on their honeymoon Australasian Tour.

Those are the only events which they get to wear their Tiaras.

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So Harry has a heart issue because he’s wearing this oura ring that tracks down his heart rate etc? Hmm… and yeah it’s a black ring so it means something. I think Meghan could be making him sick

Hi anon. No heart issue. It’s a fitness gadget which was probably given to him by the IG organisation as most events he does is sports related and health.

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Your thoughts Felix – Do you think the Markle’s are all in this together? To me there is just too too too much coincidences to their “articles” plus each one individually are so dramatic and seem to be just a little too particular on their “receipts”. It’s like they are giving a presentation. Like, look at my sad face, listen to the sadness in my voice, it matches my sad face, look at the proof I have so you have to believe why I have this sad face. Look my sadness is at the “right” time, it’s the holidays – so of course I’m sad. I’ve given everything to my daughter and look at how sad. Felix, you see what I mean? It’s so so scripted. I could be wrong. He COULD be genuine BUT – what have the Markle’s showed us thus far that is genuine? Who taught Meghan to be so disgenuine? I had one of my brothers that dated a lady once that was way below our social group and she had no real class or manners she had ever learned, it wasn’t her fault – she just had never been exposed to that type of “raising”. As soon as her good for nothing brother and uncle and Mother realized she was dating someone who had family land, lived in big house and respected in the community and had a store/farm, outwardly affluent or perceived that way, they would come over to our home with her. They were constantly showing up at the store and expecting to go in a pick out anything they wanted and never expected to have to pay since their relative was so “serious” with my brother. They immediately thought they should be accepted into our family circle as if they “belonged” and were just like us. They would show up unannounced and worm their way into dinners and even asked to borrow money. The thing is, yes we had family land, a big old house, a store/farm but what people like that don’t realize is we had all that because our family had worked towards certain goals for generations and saved saved saved and treated people well and earned a respected place in the county. We looked out for people around us and helped people who needed help. But we did not have a lot of plentiful cash always because we were constantly putting our profits back into the farm/store/planting pine trees for future harvesting 20 years down the road. This family only saw that we had way more material wealth that they did, so they thought they deserved to hop on what they saw as an opportunity for a gravy train. They would even make comments like “well you’ll never miss $1000, and I really need it, I don’t have nothing” “you should take pity and help us out”. My father ended up having to tell my brother that if he was going to continue to date this girl, he was going to have to go out on his own from the family business because it wasn’t fair to his siblings to have the hanger-ons demanding the same status as them. My father had to forbid her family to even step foot in our store or on our property. They were know in the community as “leeches”. Everyone of any right mind avoided them, but the daughter was pretty and would do anything for guys – hence my brothers interest in her. The sad part, it took him forever to see through her, and when he was around her he tended to act like “her” people not the way he was raised. So you see why I see this same scenario with the Markle’s and the RF, it’s just on a ginormous and very public stage and A LOT more money at stake. But what her family doesn’t realise is the RF doesn’t have access to mega millions at any given time to just “pay” people off with., their world doesn’t work that way. But you see people like the Markle’s don’t care because even the crumbs they might get along the way or at the end is so much more than what they had to begin with that they will feel like they still came out on the better end and that it was worth it for that because how much real work did they really have to do to get it? They are just cons. So Felix, I can’t help but believe they are all in this together to run a scam for what they can get out of it and when it’s over they don’t care, nor will they be embarrassed, they will just move on to the next target. These type people don’t have the same social mores of most people so they don’t have a conscience nor do they suffer embarrassment like many would, because they never had that much social standing to begin with to actually lose. And it’s not to do with money, I’ve known many families that had very little material wealth and were scraping out a living but were some of the finest and most honourable people I’ve ever known. The RF have just never been exposed to what we call trailer trash in the states, even the trashy people the RF has been around have more compunction than the these types. They prolly didn’t believe people like this truly existed and Harry the dimwit he is fell for her “sale” of herself which is not anything like her real self but it’s too late now. Whatcha think Felix? I think the RF is gonna have to tell Harry the same thing my father told my brother, it’s the only way to solve this problem. Then it’s on Harry what he chooses.

Hi PA. I think they are. As you stated above we can all see how scripted this is and an opportunity for the whole family to make a bit of cash as they give interviews to the media. They are as bad as each other and now that MM rep has taken another hit from the media. Her dad has come out to defend her. Lets see how long this lasts. He can’t be doing it all the time as she still hasn’t made any contact with him… Doesn’t look good on her behalf.

Have a great day PA😊👍❤️🙏  

New York Times

It wasn’t tumblr or word press it was the New York Times talking about some nazi wanting to Assassinate Harry for marrying Meghan

Hi anon. I didn’t know about NYT having an article about that. When I heard that I thought that you read it on some blog. But again if you see anything like that please report as they are serious issues.

thanks for clarifying and have a great day😊❤️👍🙏


Megs popularity is shooting away down and yesterday’s pics she’s a way way mad. SHE also looked unhealthy yesterday too. ALso heard that people want to murder prince Harry for being with Meghan and instead of divorcing her. Why is this? Why do people wanna murder him for being with her?

Hi Anon. Yes both their popularities have been damaged and more so after the Australasian tour.

You heard that people want to murder Prince Harry???? 

I want to make this CLEAR to everyone on WORDPRESS and TUMBLR.


Have a good day anon😊❤️👍🙏

Meghan the liar

Meghan Markle claims she’s a rare actor with all three artificial titles. She claims herself to be a goddess big big big and super special because he fake married Harry. She is even saying she’s the first American to marry into royalty. ACtually no. She’s not the first. There are other Americans to marry royalty’s and some Americans Are related to them.

Hi anon. Did you just say 3 titles? She only has one which is the Duchess of Sussex no other and she is not the first American to do that as Wallis Simpson did that many years ago and she married a king not a prince that will never ascend to the throne. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Is this true? Their using surrogate? Is this illegal? What is yet to be?

Nothing has been confirmed anon.  The surrogate is a theory which we are discussing at the moment as she doesn’t look pregnant but in reality there might be a chance that she is really pregnant. The BRF are happy at the moment stating to the world that a child will be born next spring.

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