queen sits in front of gold piano urging subject to pull together in this difficult time

this is the criminal who has been running the show, but, soon, not anymore! and yet, her loyal subjects (SHEEP) fell for the illusion, while BRF rake in millions and appear at ribbon cutting events wearing thousands of dollars of clothing on their whore bodies, (ie. mm), and going on fabulous vacations to exotic islands, leaving the people of UK struggling to make a living. WAKE UP PEOPLE OF UK! STOP THE BLOODY NONSENSE! VOTE THEM OUT OF THE CASTLE! DON’T TLET THEM CONTROL YOUR LIVES AND WALLETS ANY LONGER! https://twitter.com/SwampysGhost/status/1078714867845074944

Quite true anon. I totally agree.

Have a great day😊👍❤️🙏

MM’s American family have a baby shower in her honor

Poor women, how will they deal when the truth of their criminal family member is exposed for fraud, how will they acknowledge her representing their family, and black women in such a poor awful way? https://www.insideedition.com/meghan-markles-american-relatives-host-baby-shower-her-honor-52301?fbclid=IwAR2BQNk1TssXH4M-lCXHQxxcIw4hZPjSa9aJvJC267obQHZyhVL_YYR0SxA

Hi anon.

Just a clickbait article above with no real content. Now the exposing for fraud is not going to happen as others may want you to believe. We know as the media have published about members of MM’s family having criminal records. So we all know that they aren’t angels.

The reality is if the BRF wanted to expose Meghan this would of happened before the wedding took place but now that she is part of the BRF any exposing of her exposes the rest of the BRF.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing😊👍❤️🙏

NSW anon

Hi Felix,

Great points you have raised. Some people on other blogs imagine that MM and the fake pregnancy will be exposed and Harry and the BRF will somehow miraculously escape unscathed. Quite how this could happen is a mystery. MM and the bump have been to functions with all the BRF, the Queen included, all the way through the pregnancy.

What is worse ,, BRF have sent the ghastly couple on tour to meet international dignitaries with MMs up and down bump and constant bump clutching all the way through. There is no way the public would put up with this breach of trust if it were officially exposed. They are already suffering enough with the antics of their politicians.


Well stated. It’s interesting times ahead for the BRF as HM is getting older and nearing the end of her reign. As you stated above it’s quite true that a breach of trust will be broken if something like this was to be exposed signalling the end of the family’s reign after HM is gone.

So as we see the BRF are doing nothing to expose this and  will fight if the media went on the attack.

Have a great evening NSW😊👍❤️🙏

Glad your mother is doing better!

God bless her and you! & family.

Ps I forgot to sign my previous post

Hi Sgogoa. Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes🙏❤️ my mother is getting better and it was good taking a break from this as I am rejuvenated now for the epic baby announcement which we are all waiting for.

Have an awesome day Sgogoa😊👍❤️🙏

NSW anon

Hi Felix,

To that Anon who asked if you were paid – get lost and go to a sugar blog.

Felix is real and MM is a fraud. She said so with her own words. Before you leave though please logically explain the ever increasing and decreasing bump, with the navel travelling all over the place.

NSW JD filled me up on the info on which blogger come up with that fairytale. After I stopped posting this certain blogger which provides Fake News which we pointed out attacked JD that we where getting paid but it’s backfired now as I am here again posting.

Now regarding the expanding and contracting pillow belly we all know what is going on. But most as I stated in the previous post have failed to realise that HM alongside with Charle have stuck with the story that MM is pregnant and is due to give birth in the spring from the minute that KP letter was published during the invictus/Australasian tour.

NSW the BRF will do anything to protect her and not damage their own brand.

Thanks NSW😊🙏👍❤️

NSW anon

Dear Felix,
It’s so wonderful you are back!!. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Ive missed your fun take on things.

Its good to take a break – this is the longest pillow pregnancy ever! Theres been lots of drama of course which you may have observed – lots of resignations for MM staff, doxing, the demise of the Fab Four, NY baby shower, Morocco, and now proposed neo colonial African jollies planned. phew, Im exhausted.

In the meantime Toronto Paper twitter and Skippys site going in to meltdown, stories of Police outside Windsor and KP, last minute pleas from MM and Doria. Its all happening.

Keep well always and have fun.

NSW anon.


It was good taking a break from this as I needed it. In the last couple of months here in Australia they only reported that Harry is going to work with Oprah nothing else.

I was reading up on them moving to Africa and laughed. If that was happening the Queen wouldn’t have given them the small cottage at Windsor. With the doxing was that coming from MM’s team or from her hardcore Stan’s?

You have to laugh at this. Only Toronto paper twitter has posted about Police presence outside Windsor and certain bloggers assume that MM is going to be arrested.😂😂😂😂

What some people fail to realise is that HM gave Harry the approval for him to marry MM and they BRF accepted her into the fold. So MM or Doria aren’t going anywhere and the Royals will do anything to cover up any big scandal, they control the British Media as we saw them do it with the leaked topples nudes as the UK tabs went silent.

Just get ready NSW for this baby announcement as the press is going to shove it down everyone’s throats.

Have an awesome day NSW😊🙏👍❤️

Felix! I have missed you so!!

Glad your back Darling! Love, love love to you. 💕 ❤️

Hi anon. It’s good to be back as I have missed you all. Trying to catch up on what I have missed during my absence. JD has filled me in on a few things and know we are awaiting the big announcement of the arrival the child which is going to be epic.

Have an awesome day and it’s good to be back.


HI Felix

Hi Felix,

Glad you’re back. I hope everything is going well.


Hi anon. Everything is well and It’s good to be back as this circus is about to erupt with the baby announcement. We will be here commenting on what we are about to see.

have a beautiful day anon😊❤️🙏👍

Poor baby

Poor Felix u where paid off and are not posting anymore. Lol

What I was paid off???😂😂😂😂😂 Where do People come up with these fairy tales?

I bet You want to pay me, JD and a few others off not to blog so We don’t spoil the fairytales which you believe in.

Oh well I have news for you anon. We are are just warming up. So no amount of cash will stop us from blogging about the truth..

C ya anon😂😂😂

To all my wonderful anons.

I am back. My mother is getting better and I thank you for all your wonderful wishes.🙏🙏 I needed a break from this circus for a while and it was good not hearing about Harry and MM as our media aren’t reporting anything about them here.

I have so much to catch up on over the last couple of months and soon we are expecting her to give birth. The Royal circus is about to get better.