Markle’s still milking it fir what it’s worth

Hi Felix , so big Daddy Tom gets papped in Mexico getting Suit fitted, oh by the same photog agency the whole Markle’s have used from the beginning. MM apparently goes to the gym dressed in a vest beanie & don’t forget the umbrella on the UK ‘s hottest May Day ??? See we have all said we want pap pics getting ready for her wedding, can’t produce them just put out old ones again . Wouldn’t surprise me if she already back in US in hiding . You can fool some ppl sometimes but not us trusted Tumblrs / now WordPress ❤

exactly anon. I can’t believe that she tried to make that pap walk look like it’s recent as people from the UK called her out on it.. I think that she has been in the US after her last engagement with Harry..

Now we have Tom Sr getting papped by the same photog agency the whole family has used since the beginning and even Niraj Tanna tweeted that he was going to look into if it is staged which he is hinting that it is.. It’s going to be interesting on the media’s next move..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️🙏



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