Rebecca English of the Daily Mail tweeted that the RF has learnt lessons from the past.  Meaning they are allowing H and M to do what they want to regarding the wedding.  Does this also signify that the RF is going along with this wedding/marriage regardless of her past?  I am gobsmacked by Harry dating her at all, much less marrying a multiple times married former yacht girl/pay for play girl who is years older.  Is there something off with him that has been covered up before that the public don’t know about?  This makes no sense to me. However, I am rooting for him.

if they have learnt lessons from the past anon regarding 2 past Royal Wedding divorces… That means that they wouldn’t be doing this… Somethig else is happening here… The press where called in for a different matter and not for a wedding update which is done via KP twitter as we have seen till date..

As we see there is something else at stake and the truth will come out. One thing which I can say is that MM has had zero support from the Palace when it come to Royal training like every other Bride has gone through..

So is this a way for Rebecca English to spill what is happening behind the scenes as the press have been instructed by what to do by the Palace? We will wait and see.

Also if the palace wanted to cover anything up this would of been done before that statement got published in November 2016…

have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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