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Hi Felix I have followed you from DM 2016 , this wedding will happen I’m fucking disgusted with BRF . Today show OZ are reporting from outside Windsor. What are you saying about HM having a plan for MM because bringing her into the Family is suicide. She will never be trusted.

Hi anon.. It’s not about bringing MM into the family.. A wedding can be cancelled at anytime.. Even after it has happened.. There are other factors which a wedding needs to happen for them to send MM on her way.. So by the wedding happening doesn’t mean that MM is joining the Monarchy.. It takes years of Royal training to be accepted into the Monarchy as all Current Members have had.. So we have seen that MM has had no royal training and HM/PP/PC will not let Harry destroy everything they have worked for to keep the monarchy surviving…  So just have a laugh at this tackiest wedding and things are going to come out to light very soon. hang in there anon. We have done well since the good old days on the DM… I have to admit JD and I miss those days as we practically lived on DM😂😂😂

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤🙏

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