MM not there on the second day of polo

She wasn’t there on the second day. Zoom in on the images- they have been photoshopped in like so many others in previous articles right from the start of the so-called romance. Her shadows are missing and she is out of proportion compared with other people. Her image is photoshopped on top of people already there! People do not stand just centimetres away from each other- except perhaps in a very busy queue.The images look odd because they are. Getty images of her are selling for $650 each. If she had been there on the Sunday someone would have taken some pics. What I don’t understand is why other photographers aren’t calling the newspapers and magazines out on all this- perhaps they are, but it is all being kept quiet for the moment. If they have paid high prices for allegedly misrepresented images they will be asking for their money back. Notice they are not using their normal photo agencies or their own photographers. Watch this space- I do not think that the big denouncing is too far away.

Hi Anon lets begin.

I checked Legion media, Getty Images and I images as the Photographer is Stephen Lock from i-Images

1)    So this is Getty images












As you see Nothing on their website. Go and check and you will see.

2) Legion media











Only 2 pics from the second day and a few from the first day as she got busted going through his car by Mark Dyer…

3) I images













Ok So I images has all of the pics taken from the event…

NOW There is one Photoshopped Pic which has appeared in the RAGS and it’s this 👇👇


















The image above is Photoshopped.  1) It isn’t on Images and they have taken harry from the pic which we all saw appear first.

these are the pics which are on I images.
















And if you look through these pics. Why isn’t Harry walking with her????? There is a pic which is taken after this showing Harry 10 steps in front. 👇👇👇


















You would think a coupe would walk together like we see William and Kate do all the time…

Have a great day anon and a lot of things are off here…..😊👍🙏❤

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