Photoshopped images

MM is out of proportion to Serena – when rolling the ball on one image- would you bend down when there are people right behind you?
Weirdly shaped elongated arm on another image  Out proportion in the image with her back to the viewer, as she walks towards a vehicle – in relation to the vehicle and the man on the left. She may be small but not that small.
In many images the arms are odd shapes with bits slightly out of them- this happens when cutting them out with Photoshop tools. These images would have been taken and altered in a hurry so as to get them in the newspapers.
This can also be seen in the image of her in the second wedding dress that has been added to the Paris photo of Kate and William last year – as they come down the grand staircase. As if this was taken for tge evening wedding reception. It is a wonder this is not classed as misrepresentation and fraud- but maybe the newspapers are just biding their time and will show all the sleight of hand in one big expose. Thus demonstrating what a major game has been played.   Can only post one image at a time – others to follow.

























































It looks like that anon. Serena and her husband look like giants compared to MM.. Something is off with this picture.. Plus look down on At Serena’s and her husbands feet. Where have the shadows gone???????

Have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤

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