Who took this photograph? Wimbledon 2016

I wonder who took this photograph and why?
Who was trailing MM at Wimbledon so long ago?
It doesn’t show her in a good light at all- it shows her being embarrassed and humiliated.
Strange that someone should already be taking such a photo- what was their purpose and where was it first published?
Was there an article to go with it?











































Hi Anon.  These where taken from her talent management agency back in 2016 K&C is she had a plan to advertise herself to the world as harry’s GF.  As you see there are images of her first sitting by-herself that day with the black dress before moving closer to the group which Cressida was sitting. Then she got a spot in the players box of Serena William’s Sitting beside Ann and her daughter.. This was all planned to make her a legit GF. but it failed on her as people like us placed all the pieces together after that statement come out making her a Royal GF in November 2016..

have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤

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