Trying to Understand

If you think London Scoop, London PR, Winkie or the others are fakes, then what purpose does their fake posting serve? I can see how you would think they are frauds, but I cannot see what they have to gain from their pre-wedding posts. One person messing with you guys, I can understand, but several people fooling everyone? I do not understand what they would hope to gain.

first of Winkie is in PR as JD and I have known this from the early days back on DM. Have you ever thought that the rest apart from Wink try and change the narrative so we as bloggers don’t go focusing on things they don’t want us to focus on. Don’t forget anon. MM and her PR team play a lot of games.

They easily can act as anons that they don’t like her and place a fake scripted story that sounds good to us all on here just to distract you and I.

Have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️


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