Chelsy a good choice

Chelsy is bright, intelligent young woman coming from a family with values and understanding on how elite societies work. She was exposed to the royals and know how to mingle with them without embarassing herself, or her family embarassing her. Also, Cressida is blueblood and knows the culture of Aristoctats. MM7 is lost in translation of it all. I kind of feel bad for her, but she was bent on infiltrating royal society, and she got it. Now, what is it worth? Humiliation, disdain and ridicule from the public for not meeting the standards of Kate. She surely can’t equal Kate’s earned reputation and loyalty to the Brits. Kate understands and breathes British culture and takes it very seriously. MM, on the other hand, does not. Kate and Camila know and thinks like their fellow British citizens and understsands them better than a transplant would. I admire Kate and Camila.

I totally agree. Chelsy was a good choice for Harry. As you stated above she understands elite circles and coming from a good wealthy family like Kate did, she was discreet and didn’t make a fool of herself. On the other hand MM is making a fool out of herself all due to Fame.

As we see she has PR teams to keep her name in the tabs all so she can continue to merch the clothes she wears at events. The reason she needs to keep her name in the tabs is because from the minute it stops people forget who she is. That tells you tha5 people don’t care about her and that she will never be an A list celebrity.

Thanks anon😊👍🙏❤️

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