US Electoral College

This might be where the confusion lies. We have different bodies for “voting.” In a nutshell:

In Federal elections (US President/Vice President), we have the electoral college which is supposed to represent the voters from their state. Each state has a different number of electoral college representatives. For example, lets say a state has 10 electoral college representatives. In a given election, 80% of that states voters voted for candidate A, then 80% of that states electoral college votes (8 votes) would go to candidate A, and the remainder of the votes (2) would go to candidate B. You do this for each of the 50 states and tally at the end. The candidate with the highest number of electoral votes wins.

There are various scenarios when things are not so cut and dry. There is a long list of rules and contingencies in these cases.

But, in the US voting and registering to vote are not mandatory. The are rights, but you have to do them on your own and do not have to do them at all. Free country. Government cannot make you do anything except pay taxes and abide laws. Men are required to register for the selective service (the big list of people who can be drafted for the military should that be required) when they are 18, but they have to or used to have to register to vote separately.

I think most other countries are confused that the US doesn’t require people to vote. Most people are sadly apathetic about voting and don’t vote. We have terribly low voter turnouts, especially in non-presidential election years (midterm elections, like this year).

I hope this clears US Presidential voting up a little. It is actually way more detailed, but these are the highlights. Sentate, House of Represetnaives and State elections are different too.

thanks for clearing that up anon. Now I am getting a better understanding on how politics works in the US. Also thank you for putting that together.

have a wonderful day. 😊🙏❤️👍


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