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Hi Felix,

I saw a tv discussion the other morning at my local coffee shop ( on Channel 7) about MM. There was some discussion about MM and the Thomas situation. There was also an indication that Trevors family were about to release info about MM that would be very damaging to MM. I haven’t heard that anywhere else and wonder if you have?

Im sure they could have a lot to say but dont know why they would as Trevor appears to be in a very happy place right now. However, if MM wanted to put out stupid PR damaging Trevor than maybe they would.

Is there any update on Harry and the Africa trip?

Hi NSW.  No I haven’t heard of this. It’s interesting what is happening at the moment with her father. He is surely pushing the envelope as she refuses to get in contact with him.  Now regarding Trevor coming out means that the media have approached him with a good amount and he is willing to talk. I remember hearing that she paid him to keep quiet but let’s see what’s going to happen in the next month.

have a great day NSW😊🙏❤️👍

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