Supposedly, MM is the Queen’s Favorite

I was in the grocery store checkout line and glanced over to see a tabloid, stating that Kate is jealous of M receiving more attention from the Queen. Also, Kate feels abandoned, and M is now the Queen’s favorite, and is in her will for inheritance. They have to be making this up. Kate is adored by the Queen and has no reason to feel M is competition by any means. If anything, Kate has been very polite and forthcoming in trying to help M integrate into the BRF. She is the epitome of grace, elegance, and natural beauty, and has earned respect from British citizens. I don’t understand why and who is behind publishing this garbage. It’s like they are deliberately trying to upset Kate by putting M on a pedestal.

Exactly anon. It looks like her PR is pretty busy making up these stories to keep her in the tabs. We all know that Kate is adored by all senior Royals and we even saw how HM looked at the wedding compared to Kate’s wedding where she was Happy to see William and Kate tie the knot.

Have a great day anon and laugh at those headlines.😊👍🙏❤️

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