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Hi Felix,

I just thought Id comment on MMs partner in narcissism, Serena. Her behaviour at the US open final was truly vile and she was going to keep on throwing tantrums until she won the final. I hope Melbourne fans give Ms Osaka a rousing reception and Serena bombs in the first round.

It is a shame that Harry and MM have limited appearances at IG. I was looking forward to Harry and MM bumping into Prince Frederick and the impeccable Mary with her perfect behaviour and dress sense. However, by not going to IG events Harry is showing what a fake he is. He has been missing in action for lots of things since hooking up with Ms Soho.

I know Harry was pretending to be loved up in their last 2 appearances together. However, that is probably in practise for the tour. Imagine them in drought stricken Dubbo, with tentacle hands and rubbing each other’s backs while pretending to empathise with the farmers. She’d better watch out for the wildlife though, the animal kingdom might get its revenge for the way she treats dogs..

Hi NSW. I totally agree. Serena has been known to sook when she doesn’t win and this was a prime example where she threw a hissyfit blaming it on Carlos Ramos a professional court umpire respected in the tennis world for equality in women whilst he gave her 2 coaching violations. She surely has made a fool of herself and the latest news which I heard the other day is that other chair umpires are probably going to boycott Serena’s matches at the Australian Open in Jan.

Now regarding Harry he has been missing in action at events since hooking up with her.  I really can’t wait to see the pics of both of them in Dubbo. They will both look bored trying hard to empathise with the farmers but we all know it’s for show as they both couldn’t care less about them like Harry has shown his true colours that he doesn’t care about the vets as he is again taking the limelight off them for a second year in a row.

Let’s hope they both have an encounter with an eastern brown snake 🐍 up close. Now they would be awesome shots😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Have an awesome day NSW😊👍🙏❤️

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