I’ve been pondering the timing that everyone from NYC to London Scoop, etc all through out this whole mess have mentioned. That’s been a central theme from all of them, whether they are real, or trolls, doesn’t matter, timing is an underlying theme. As we know the social justice warrior campaigns are heavily geared to attacking anyone about injustices due to race whether it’s true or not. So several anon’s and contributors (NYC, London, Scoop, etc ) have mentioned the RF and/or media will drop big stuff on MM once all the hype died down and the public had kinda moved on, meaning people would no longer be focused on her much. I think the benefit to the RF for stuff to be released about her when focus is elsewhere will of course be less hoopla and risk of people accusing them of being racist towards her or for her to be able to throw the racism card. I;m sure she realizes this. SO, since it’s to HER benefit to stay in the headlines constantly, SHE is having to put out all this expensive PR to basically keep the RF at bay for as long as she can hold out. It’s the only way she stays afloat in this mess she’s created. The RF don’t care, they probably think it’s rather amusing she’s having to go through this effort to stay relevant, regardless of the reason. Harry is not important to the survival of the RF. They don’t care if he’s popular or not. They love him as their family not because he’s popular to the Firm. They would PREFER him to be popular and helpful in the whole charade, but it has nothing to do with their love for him. You can love a family member immensely but be completely disgusted, aggravated, and disappointed with them at the same time. Look at the example of Prince Andrew with QEII, no matter how bad PA is, she still loves him immensely and he remains completely protected by her. His shenanigans may have lost them a few fans and drawn the disgust of the public and for the most part the public doesn’t respect him in most any category, but the public nonetheless understands and accepts that he is loved by his Mother…..and the RF show goes on. So the public can be as disgusted as they want to be with MM but the RF could care less because the Cambridges are the future. All the effort and energy going forward will be put into the Cambridge training as the continuation of the monarchy. Harry is a sideshow, whether he likes it or not. Each generation of the RF going back as long as can be researched each have an underachiever in their generation. I feel sorry for the little boy Harry that still resides inside of the ignorant adult Harry, because he got a raw deal in losing his Mom so early….BUT….I think he has been the most ungrateful SNOT because he has a wonderful brother, a loving Father, and doting grandparents, and a supportive extended family….HE SHOULD BE SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE….right now he’s WASTING SPACE. He should be ashamed and how poorly he chose on this and how he’s continuing to allow his poor choice to erode his future. He’s hurting himself the most in all this. So bottom line, the RF will wait out whoever is paying for MM PR bills….CAUSE THEY CAN. LMAO. They could give a shit. They are getting up everyday doing their engagements, continuing their planning, AND taking notes on the public reaction to all of this, to fine tune how to adapt the monarchy to this ever changing world. Harry and MM are on their own. Harry made his choice. HE DID NOT CHOOSE HIS FAMILY. He is a fool. Just like his own Mother when she chose the path of destruction of her spot in the RF. It might not have been easy or fair or desirable, BUT she could have chosen to stay in her marriage and not made waves and accepted her husband loved another woman, but she could have chosen to deal with that for the sake of her children and her country. She knew she was not just becoming someone’s wife, but also marrying her country. A lot of women in everyday life have to make the choice to stay in a marriage for the sake of their children….they do it everyday. Diana didn’t have the drudgery of having a job to put food on the table or a roof over her head. She lived in the lap of luxury and complained about it constantly for pity. She was not the first nor the last woman to live in a loveless marriage (which I honestly believe that Charles loved her on some level and always has and always will, just not in the same way he did Camilla – and that is not a crime). So Harry – like his mother- whines and invites chaos and destruction into his own life cause he just won’t suck it up and sacrifice a little. MM is so inappropriate for his family, his social circle, and himself and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the color of her skin. What a freaking farce! Long Live the Queen! Cause SHE can squash all these peeps like a little bug if she wishes. I guarantee you she pours her tea every afternoon and doesn’t give a moments grace to this shit. RANT OVER….sorry 🙂

Hi anon.  A wonderful post and you have made some great points. Yes Harry is not in a position for the future of the monarchy to survive in the future but this impacts on the BRF as whole as they are seen as making money from her merching. Once people realise that then it becomes an issue as the BRF aren’t allowed to make an income of the public as they do get paid by the taxpayers.

Now for the Royals to drop the bombs on MM as you said the media needs to back off so the attention goes away from her. Only time will tell. One the media at the moment are making profit of this. Yes MM’s PR are busy feeding stories to keep her into the tabs on a daily basis. Now the question is. Do the media have a timeframe to advertise her before they slow down? Time will tell. Let’s see if she will be advertised this time next year as she is now.

The Queen needs to step in anon. As you stated above she has the power and this should of never gone this far regarding whatever caused it. So now we have to play the waiting game to see in which way the BRF are going to clean this up.

Have a wonderful day anon and thank you for the post. A great read,😊👍❤️🙏


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