Great post by Pondering, especially when he/she wrote, “I think he has been the most ungrateful SNOT because he has a wonderful brother, a loving Father, and doting grandparents, and a supportive extended family….HE SHOULD BE SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE….right now he’s WASTING SPACE.” I have felt that for a long time. He is one of a handful – handful! – of people in this world who can literally do whatever they want, whenever they want. PH could have received a great education from any University in the world. He could have studied anything he wanted. He could have been a great inventor or doctor or lawyer or assistant to his brother or geologist or military leader, or any number of careers that would have made him a contributing member to society. Instead, he made the decision to party and lead a degenerate lifestyle and hang around questionable people who have no ambition to do good in the world. And no one in his family ever put him to task or made him grow up and take responsibility. A shame. And a waste.

I also agree with what Royall Screwed wrote, that MM and PH “…keep acting like they are the IT couple… the power couple… the couple everyone wants to see or be….” I think they expect to be a great global power couple, where their life is traveling the world, being included with the wealthiest of the elites, being pampered, and being admired by the plebs. Even though it is obvious (my theory) that MM does not like PH and that PH fluctuates back and forth between infatuation with MM and anger toward MM.

Where I disagree with both Pandering, and Royally Screwed, is that I firmly believe their is something much more sinister behind the PH and MM marriage. I believe that a few BRF members are involved with the “Backers” – whomever they may be (although I have my theory). [“Backers” being the powerful, wealthy people behind getting MM into the BRF and demanding certain things from the BRF, reason(s) not yet known but many theories abound.] Do not forget that the Queen allowed MM to attend Christmas even though MM was just a fiancée at the time, engaged for a little over a month. She also allowed MM, while still a fiancée, to attend other family and prestigious Royal events, even at the Church, and she sent both PH and MM on many small tours of England and Ireland – all while MM was still a fiancée. All of that unprecedented. PW also gave MM a kiss at one solemn event, totally uncalled for, out of protocol, and un-Royal. Yet, he did it. Why? Then, right after marriage, the Queen took MM on an event, just the two of them. Again, unprecedented. The Queen and other BRF members have also continued to allow MM to break every Royal rule and protocol without consequence. We all know she is making money by merching, yet absolutely nothing is being done to stop it. And the only ones suffering are the British tax payers. Finally, the Queen bestowed the titles of “HRH” and “Duchess” on MM when she did not have to. So very sinister things going on with all of this. (Again, all of this is my theory/)

great post Anon. Yes the Queen allowed MM in the firm and also has given her a title. The big question on why we are all here is WHY? The truth to that will eventually come out but it will take a while.

Now regarding Harry you are absolutely right. From the day he was born he has had the best fecitities to become anything but what we see is a manchild wanting to be a celebrity without doing the work, just Remember NYC describes him to a tee.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏


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