Pondering…more ponderings part II

Felix, the reason I’m posting to your blog is because you seem to “get it” without buying into any shade of the PR. I read on many blogs and why in the heck do people think RF is allowing her all this leeway and allowing this vast amount of her PR thinking it will eventually work to bring people around to liking her? That’s not what this is about. They don’t care if anyone likes her, in fact, I guarantee you they are allowing it in order to shorten their time in dealing with her. THEY do KNOW their public…..don’t let anyone fool you that they don’t know. They may not live like us but they know how we think. They try to control the narrative when they want to. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. MM obviously is a fly in the soup, nothing more. Just get a new bowl of soup from the waiter! Don’t fall for this PR. Don’t click on her articles. Don’t use hash tags about her. Just let it go. It’s NOISE. Search for other PR on the real royals and click those articles all day long – even if you don’t like them – that will help her become more irrevelant quicker. RF is allowing her AND their precious Harry to mess this all up on their own. He’s that DIM. Bless him he can’t help it. He wants his cake and eat it too. He will get reeled in eventually. And we all will know when he does. I wonder if he’s enjoying having “regular” financially challenged Americans in his family yet? They come from so far outside his universe he really thought this would be so cool and open minded and trailblazing to marry MM. But the reality with Americans who have always had to fight for, scrape out their living financially however they could, and they are used to being part of a culture where everyone is “equal” cause the constitution says so, (but we all know USA has as much of a class system as Britain, it’s just disguised better and actually does give entry to newcomers since it’s based more on money instead of breeding). Well I wonder if Harry is enjoying “new money” folks because I have a feeling that all this money, attention, titles, servants, drivers, bodyguards, special processing at the airport, no need to carry real money cause the bills are just paid from the Coutts account directly….he’s never seen an “uppity American” sitting at his dinner table every night. Wonder if that’s enjoyable yet? I wonder if it feels trailblazing yet? Just imagine dinner at his grandmother’s ….remember the Aristos don’t sit the spouses next to each other ….can you imagine the bb in Harry’s fanny worried about what she’s going to say to Prince Andrew, or Princess Alice that will be just completely embarrassing not because she’s an idiot but because she comes from a completely different culture, now for more entertainment- invite the single Mom too cause she’s all alone all the time. This is why they NEVER spend time with Harry’s family. No Balmoral pics. Harry and MM are iced out=== in Siberia!!! Do you get the picture now? See, SJW and race doesn’t even belong in this whole mess – has nothing to do with it. It’s culture ……and it’s so hard to build a marriage (not impossible) across the divide…and that’s when it’s 2 healthy balanced people. These 2 are trainwrecks along with each of her family members and Harry’s I’m afraid include a few too. A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY is being wasted on this whole mess….money that could feed, clothe, buy medicine for people who are hurting in Britain. I’m not a republican, I believe the monarchy has a role. Actually I’m very sorry Britain is having to deal with her, she does not represent what most every day hard working Americans are like. She is vile and an embarrassment on all fronts. England lost the US due to a weak monarch, I think it’s time for RF to tighten up and take care of this mess and do us all a favor and send her packing. She’s hard to look at and even harder to listen to.

part 2.

Well said in Both posts. You are 100% correct.  Don’t click on these click bait articles which the media are using to make a quick buck. We all see what’s going on. You made a great point about Dana. Yes we all adored her but she wasn’t an Angel and as you stated she did use the media to her advantage and especially after the divorce to Charles to build her brand. Similar to what MM is trying to do now.

As We see Harry uses the media. He loves it when they praise him and then cries to be left alone when he stuffs up, well at the moment he acts embarrassed because he can’t cry to the media due to the fact that his wife who he allowed into the monarchy uses the media and they will call them booth out if he does. That’s why he acts miserable to try and get sympathy from everyone. But we see the real Harry and we are not falling for that.

For her to go anon. Harry has to be the one to see the light and what she is up to. At the moment he is in this mess by the Soho crowd he hangs with. The problem with Harry is he is like his Mother. Diana wanted the celebrity lifestyle and lived it after divorcing Charles but Harry so far wants to live the celebrity lifestyle whilst still being a member of the RF to collect his pay check from the taxpayers.

Well let’s see what or if the RF will do anything because one day this is going to catch up to him.

Have an awesome day anon and thank you for the posts. 😊👍❤️🙏

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