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Hi Felix,

How are you. I hope all is well and love how you always stay cheerful in the face of aggravation

Judging by all the anons everyone is getting really fed up with this tour which is like a never ending nightmare of fakeness and sycophancy. I really feel sorry for the NZ anon who now has to put up with this rubbish. I just feel the need to debrief so want to list the things that I really cant stand –

Besotted – If I hear this word again Ill throw up. The media have been using this word from the beginning and it is really sickening. They are both approaching 40 and baldness and have each been round the block heaps of times. He looks like he is close to tears half the time and she is only interested in looking at the camera. Besides, any woman who dumps her father like that is incapable of being besotted.

Creepy Hands – Every day they find a new way to grope each other in public. However, when Harry really gets up close and personal, MM looks repulsed. such as the wedding kiss and when he put his head on her shoulder at the Cookbook launch. I don,t think she fancies him at all.

Egos – . These two are just completely in love with themselves, with absolutely no justification at all.

Meghans ever changing body. – Some days she is sticking her stomach out, and other days wearing tight jeans and belts. Pregnancy isnt like that. You just keep on growing.

Cradling her stomach – Could there be a more ridiculous attention seeking gimmick. She is like a little girl playing mummies and pretending to be pregnant. First time mothers feel the baby weeks later than other mothers, and not until at least 4 months or later. This is perhaps the most irritating of all.

Bad Parents – If MM is truly pregnant, they would be in line for worst parents on the planet. Pregnancy is taking it;s toll but it doesnt stop her whizzing around the harbour on a dinghy without a lifejacket, and eating questionable food. Have they even looked at the poor little Zika babies? No normal person would risk their babies health in this way. Shame.

Entourage – See the photos of the travelling entourage behind the Harkles. They look youngish, professional and in a constant state of annoyance. It must be very trying for intelligent people to have to cater to the whims of this pair of dummies. And how much is this entourage costing the taxpayers?.

Female empowerment – Im so sick of MMs verbal diarrhoea about female empowerment and her mindless visits. Here is a woman who only appears to have had one regular job. She learned about cameras, filming and the entertainment industry from her father, and got her first and only real acting job through her husband. She treated them both like crap and discarded them when she got what she wanted. She is like the female praying mantis who eats the male during mating. She even looks like one.

Harry the ideas man – Everyone knows Harry is really dumb. Do people seriously believe he thinks of stuff like IG and Sentebale? I believe Ponderings that this was a project given to Harry as it might interest him. However, he has proven yet again that he has no sticking power.

ANZACS – Stop using Anzacs to practise your solemn face and merch, you disrespectful brat.

Flies – MM didnt like the big bush flies in Dubbo. I hope she does what lots of people accidentally do, swallow one before she even notices. That would be a lovely present from Australia.

HI NSW. Brilliant post👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

i love how they stated that Harry is the ideas man.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This manchild hasn’t got a braincell in his head that is capable of doing any thinking. The man child got played by by a woman in her late 30’s who has the brain capacity of a 14 year old schoolgirl. That’s the sad part for this prince.

Sentenable and IG where set up for him by PC to keep him busy as he had nothing to do without a job and we can see tht he stuffed those up where now it’s all about promoting his image only with his golddigging wife who would drop her like a hot bag of potatoes for a higher price with fame.. It will happen NSW and we are all going to laugh at Harry.

As you stated everyone is over this and I don’t blame them but we need to be strong nd laugh through this. At the end of the day It’s Harry who is doing it to himself and the BRF didn’t do anything to stop at as they are to busy living in their fishbowl.

Have a great evening NSW😊👍❤️

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