Evening Felix , you’re absolutely right you wouldn’t know IG was on unless you turned on ABC Channel. Channel 9 has drunk too much sugar all day long they follow them about , it’s the MM Fake pregnancy show . Think sensible & logical HM would not send a nearly 40 yr old first time mother on such a event scheduled tour like this one , hopping on planes & boats daily. Meeting ppl from all over the world in major Tourist designations the germs everywhere. A midwife just commented on Skips about going to Zika Islands saying she would loose her registration if see let her patients go , now she said she has patients saying if the duchess can go so can they , like she said Zika is major health problems for unborn. So obviously HM did not know until they landed here in Australia, timing suspicious again just like when she outed the Fling Oct 16 the day her Reitmans clothing line got launched, also MM mirror now merching maturity and babies clothing. If she is lying HM needs to annull this marriage on the grounds of Fraud of truth to the Monarchy UK & Commonwealth ppl end of story . Also her media friend Mio said she has consulted a Doctor and she was fit to travel , don’t the BRF have a regular Obstetrics Dr , what MM to good for him? Again to much not adding up . Just had a $ 10 bet with a work colleague miscarriage announcement around PC 70 th , 14 Nov, I’ll keep coming back to see if my intuition is right . Night.

hi QLD. Correct. The timing is way off and are lot of questions are raised over this by many which we all know that there is something off. Yesterday we got pics of her in black jeans wearing a belt and was totally flat aand today she looked like she was 6 months pregnant holding her belly as she walked around with Harry.

The media are banking on it. IG doesn’t exist as you said Channel nine is following these 2 around. No news is stated about the games or them here in Melbourne. We have gone back to not nowing that they where here last week.

But I agree The Palace needs to step in because this is going to end them when it turns ugly. People will automatically jump on MM’s side.

plus I hope you win the bet. Let’s see if this rumour will come true and you can prove to your work colleague that you smelled a fake pregnancy from the beginning.

have a great day QLD😊🙏👍❤️

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