Hugo Boss dress in NZ

Hi Felix, I have followed you for ages, but this is my first post. MM is wearing a Hugo Boss dress today in NZ. HB made its money designing and making the uniforms for the nazis, including the SS, before the Second World War. Appallingly tactless especially as she is wearing a poppy on the dress. Also can you explain about this business of her touching up a charity for money. I have not heard anything about this.
Thanks Felix for all your work on exposing both her and the dimwit Prince.

Hi anon, Regarding MM touching up Charities for money it was published in the latest blind item by entry lawyer. At the moment we have no proof but wouldn’t be surprised if that is happening.

Regarding the clothes brand Hugo boss. She should be smarter then that as Harry got caught wearing a shirt with the swarzstiker logo at a dress up party a few years back and got drilled for it. So by her wearing brands like that doesn’t help him as people haven’t forgotten about that incident.

have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️

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