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I’m thinking the RF “released” the info on splitting the households to either float the idea to the public to test opinions and/or to get the public adjusted to future major changes. Basically they were going to have reorganize things to lay the foundation for William to transition to POW title, anyway. These plans would have been laid many years ago and maybe they are just tweaking them or speeding them up to handle this embarrassment. It will not take many tweaks to marginalize Harry and his court. Look at how Andrew inhabited a very small corner in RF even though he’s rumoured to be HM fave. Personally I think she loves all her children the same but has a different relationship with each, which is very normal with families with multiple children. What I wonder is what the future plans are for funding Harry’s court? PC has only had to fund his own family from Duchy of Cornwall which is the tradition. QEII has funded remaining members from her Duchy and civil list dollars in years past, which falls under more scrutiny. So when PC becomes king, he will be deciding which royals to support. William will no longer be responsible for Harry. MM I think worked her own con after she initially got slid through the door without having any understanding of the inner financial workings of the RF. All she saw was vast wealth beyond her wildest dreams. Not realizing the constraints even on the blood Royals in the world they inhabit. She’s an idiot is what she is. And a tacky hateful one at that. Absolutely has no idea how to treat people. Nothing you can do with that but contain it like Andrew.

excellent post PA. True plans like this are set way in advanced. Well let’s see if it is true and not just media talk.

Have a great day PA😊👍🙏❤️

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