No new Courts

I think Harry and Meghan being given their own court is her spinning a half truth. Their own court isn’t a punishment and it doesn’t actually disctance them from Will and Kate or anything like that. Having their own court would be a reward. It would be giving them more control and the opposite of shutting them down.

More than likely the true part is that Will and Harry are splitting due to the monarchy reorganizing. It’s pretty clear that the Palace has been trying to gauge public response to the Queen stepping down either for Charles to be King or Regent for a few years now. It also seems like a good time to do the streamline that Charles has been wanting to do. Charles taking over for the Queen means that William has to step into Charles’ shoes. More than likely Harry and Meghan will share a court with Charles. Just like Anne, Andrew, Edward, and all the others. There should really only be one court anyway, but I can see why they might keep the Prince of Wales separate. So, Meg twisted it because there’s just enough truth to make it seem like it might be true.

Hi anon. Nothing is in writing at the moment. Just an article published in the media. Well the Queen has made a pledge in her coronation that she will be ruling until the day she passes on.  Prince Andrew, Anne, Edward are all under BP court which is ruled by the queen. I think the Monarchy destroys itself with all these courts.

All Royals should be under BP where the Queen Signs off on everything that’s getting published to the world. If they had it that way we wouldn’t be in this mess.

have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️

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