Skippy the Delusional Online Bully!!!


 This is vintage closed account on tumblr.  This is am still skippy blog 👎🏼👎🏼


This is skippy’s alleged shutdown page, as you can see it’s not shut down.  It’s hidden, and I’ll show how you can do it. Skippy ghosted Felix and blocked him after he asked her to chill it down. I asked her to chill down, she ghosted me and refused to get into it.  Wink and others convinced her that wasn’t a good idea; Skippy unblocked me with a terrible outcome. She refused to support another blogger like Felix, and I had done for her.  Skip screamed at me not steal her column writer. Whoah, get some sleep. 10/8/2018.

Vintage is the one that took the screenshot, she did not photoshop as skippy claims.  This is Skippy’s alleged shutdown iamstillskippy.

This was never over a disagreement that wink thinks it was.  It was a ghosting and getting me out of the way. That’s not very team friendly.

Slide the two top slide over, gone!  Blocked your partners scream foul. The idea is to steal all the anons to eliminate the competition. Skip Led us to WordPress, she knew I would do too, I’m loyal. Pretend you are a religious person that cares when she only cares about herself.  I call it anon drunk. Skippy had already backed up her blog and now she is pulling it down one by one.  I noticed, she needed me to stay blocked or I would cry foul,  I am.


I went and check today 10/9/2018

Did you know you can only block open accounts?

This is what it looks like; you can’t block an closed account.


This is great. After Jerseydeanne originally posted this Skippy now has removed that account. LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


So to summarise it. She got me shut down and tried hard to shut down JD so she can take all the credit for herself  but as you have all seen this plan of hers has failed as JD ad I have moved on with more page views per day. What a shame we put our trust in her.  I did a mistake. I should of listened to NYC at the time. SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ABOUT SKIPPY!!!!!  ” A child with NO information about this and NO PR connections “


Now regarding Bullying





















You got to love how hypocritical these ladies are. They called me the bully but are doing the same thing which I have done.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Now regarding the DM and Royal Reporters







🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow this is what happens when you bully reporters……  Don’t forget people. All these reporters communicate with each other and trust me word gets out…..

” felix I have some valuable information regarding Skippy. I have noticed that she got quite upset after JD website got mentioned on the DM. Well let me share with you something regarding Royal reporters. I live in Lindon and personally know all the Royal reporters, They don’t follow that blog as they all think that she is crazy.. They do check out Jerseydeanne’s wordpress site and yours occasionally as you are not here on a full time basis but they where looking at felix2001a tumblr blog throughout 2017.  I had gained info that some Royal members where checking both your blogs out as they become popular over the course. But what I have to say that these Royal Reporters admire you and JD for your great work. So keep it up. ;)”


From Anons who have seen what Skippy really is..

“Skip is On her Late worship again. The pics on Kate are nauseating. Someone mentioned mm looking masculine at times and I replied that to be fair Kate does look masculine at times as well and that she also has a masculine walk. Also that she looks currently malnourished,cruciferous be spoken about as that send out a wrong signal to girls. Miss super blind BRF fan numero uni didn’t post. Instead she retorted in bold that I was an IT, meaning mm fan! That was p, if course after she’d posted several of my disagreement with the succubus. She only posts what fits in her narrative and does not accept critical evaluations. She has rather one-sided look on things.”

“I myself have noticed how rude and condescending she can be to anons. I also read one of her rants and I left a one worded comment saying ‘hypocrite’ then found myself blocked the next day. I found that her constant ‘it’s coercion, HM knows and is working on it’ really annoying. Yes I understand you have all been given information but her anons don’t know that and innocently ask questions only to get shot down in a very rude and abrupt way. I sent JD a copy of one of her replies once. I really don’t usually react let alone respond to others online but she really comes across as someone who thinks she’s ‘in charge’ of anything Markle related. I’ve noticed that as soon as she’s questioned or pulled up on her behaviour she resorts to being a Christian but I don’t find some of her comments about Markle to be very Christian at all. Not that it worries me, Markle deserves a lot of what she gets. So any way, when I read that you were not happy with Skippy I was quietly pleased that she may be in for getting her comeuppance. It’s fine if you’ve had a change of heart but would be interesting to read what she did to deserve two royal reporters block her. Actually, if she spoke to them like she speaks to others, I think I can understand why. Anyway, from one Aussie to another, have a good day and keep smiling.”

“Skippy is getting more desperate and delusional by the day – or is she just playing her followers? I don’t know how anyone can take her seriously. She gets pointed questions from intelligent anons and just fobs them off with a nonsense excuse. There are others who have seen the light. She is just setting people up for major disappointment because the truth keeps coming down proving her wrong every single time. For eg, someone asked her why Harry would be separated from W&K at KP if he had family support? She proceeded to state that Harry will be protected, is loved by the family, he has to play along, yeah, yeah, yeah … none of it makes any sense. Sounds to me awfully like Harry has just got a big slap down, along with narcissist Meg (who thought she was on equal footing to William, let alone Kate). Sometimes, the most accurate solution is the most obvious. Harry wasn’t coerced, he just found out the truth about the woman he married and he can’t handle the fact that he was wrong, he got played by a manipulating con artist and now he has to face the consequences. Really enjoying your posts re Harry and Invictus – spot on.”


To summarise. It saddens me that JD and I gave this individual our personal time and trust and treated her part of the team as her intentions where to screw us like she did just like she did with Royals Online before they realised and ended up blocking her up blocking her for trying to do the same to them.  So this is what I wanted to get out to you all about this 60 year old who criticises Meghan Markle for acting like a child but hasn’t looked in the mirror to see who she really is….







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