Move or no move: NO MOVE!

I don’t believe for one moment the “moving” story. Was Harry even in town when the “announcement” was sent out? Also, when reading it, I notice the referring to them living at KP is way overstated. Why would they need to remind people f the truth if it weren’t a lie? When something is emphasised it is close to a lie, when it is over-emphasised, it IS a lie!
Methinks MM released that nonsense and as usual, without getting her facts straight, she misses the important bits: like, whether or not it’s in a repaired state, that it’s not the main house… If you notice, the details about the house is all over the place and very much contradicting. I doubt very much whether MM knew about the differences in main house and cottage. Just because it has KP’s logo on it does not mean that it’s from the administration. My guess is that he’s running rogue to keep up the drama. Why are you starting to believe her now>

Hi anon. Tell me what  announcement that has come directly from the Palace hasn’t actually happened?

If it isn’t true then why hasn’t the Palace placed another statement to counteract the false claim if it’s not happening? as this move was announced on news channels around the world and it was the statement indicating to the British taxpayers that they will not be covering the Rent on Nottingham Cottage as Harry will not be living there from Next year,

So at the moment it is happening as did the wedding, the AUS/NZ/FIJI/TONGA Royal tour which the Palace did announce those.

have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍

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