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Wow Felix,

The drama keeps going on and on and the press now seem to be falling all over themselves with the mean Meghan saga. I dont see how Harry and MM will ever recover from this. The press have done their job without even mentioning her past. I would be interested to know your thoughts on what prompted the turnaround and where is it heading?

There are so many dynamics to all of this and anything could be prompting the press tirade –

The press turned at exactly the 2 yr mark since dimwits press statement. Maybe the press gave them a 2 yr time limit to make a whole lot of mess and planned to exact revenge ( and make a whole lot of money), at exactly this point.

The BRF seems to have given the press the green light to unleash., MM has been getting away with her appalling behaviour to all and sundry in the past ( including little Charlotte) but perhaps her behaviour at Eugenies wedding and then the tour was the final straw.

Melissa may be ready about to tell her story, and the press are fighting over access, or otherwise revving up interest in the story about MMs cruel ways.

Maybe there is a much bigger bomb that we dont know about that is about to explode, such as a fake pregnancy, Harry not being the father or even worse. Perhaps there is dirt on the Hubb kitchen. If this is the case the press would look silly going about their usual sycophantic ways and covering up her bad behaviour, so to recover their reputation they have to look like they are exposing her.

MM did not go to Africa and is not going to Bat Out of Hell show which is partnering with IG. MM is obviously grounded and who knows when she will get another gig. Harry needs to make it up to IG for his bad behaviour so maybe MM isnt welcome.

The press revenge is exactly the time Harry is away in Africa. Did the BRF get him out of town to protect him. Harry doesnt look too concerned with the photos we have seen of him.

Whatever we say of Nutmeg, Harry is no better. He is a bad husband and a coward. He refuses to front up to his father in law, leaves his supposedly pregnant wife to face bad press alone and makes granny unhappy with his nasty behaviour. Not many wives would be happy with that, especially narcissistic ones.

Ill bet MM has already threatened divorce and the lawyers are drawing battle lines as we speak. This would account for the crazy story about her asking to go back to Suits and her Agent leaking that she is a great actress ( ha ha) and ready to do another movie. If she is really pregnant she needs to go back to US before the baby is born and this may make it impossible for H to get custody. Remember how quickly Katie acted to protect Suri from Tom Cruise.

MM is clearly unhappy in BRF and has burnt too many bridges. Her big schemes have fallen in a heap, her smug smile has gone and her exes have happy new lives. If I were her I would go home to mama and negotiate a big payout from BRF.

Hi NSW. Beautiful post. There are a lot of factors. It began when they published the tiara story. It’s possible that the statement published in November 2016 had a time limit and is now expired. It’s quite true as you stated that the media did their job and they will never recover as they haven’t mentioned anything about her past.

Now the question is where is Harry?? Is he still in Africa or has he returned back to the UK?? They made it clear that she was not invited to the IG fundraiser event and they outed her for stating that she didn’t travel to Zambia due to Zika. So as we see they have gone into hiding.

Regarding her going back to the US if she is really pregnant won’t happen, The child is BRF’s property now and she can’t do anything like Diana couldn’t do anything back then after she divorced Charles. Plus she won’t get a huge payout like everyone expects.

She really shot her self in the foot. If she was smart she just should of dated Harry for a couple of years to get her global exposure and then walk away to pursue other options. But by marrying into the firm she has trapped herself and is learning it the hard way. That’s why her smug smile is slowly fading away.

Plus what you stated about Harry is spot on, He is a bad husband and he is not lifting a finger to defend her and himself as the press has begun plus he has taken off to Zambia leaving his so called pregnant wife behind. Wow can you picture NSW she must be cursing at him at the moment.. lol

have a great day NSW😊❤️👍🙏


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