Ponderings smirking :)

Hey Felix, I think the Carole Middleton article is a dart thrown to draw out the poison. It seems innocent enough but after all these years. Why? No one cares about Carole and her business, not to be ugly, it just is what it is. Carole M’s real cache is grandmother to a future king and mother to a future queen consort. Why use her now? Well, I’m thinking it kind of gives a “tacit” approval that even Doria could probably get away with doing an interview now. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I don’t even like popcorn but I’m buying extra butter to make mine extra delicious!

Hi PA.  It’s pretty strange as you stated. I haven’t seen the article but as you said no one cares about Carols business. Maybe Doria might give an interview at some stage. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit but even Pippa let us know the name of her child which again no one cares. To me they are all attention seekers and have found the time to do it with MM on the scene.

have a great day PA😊👍❤️🙏


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