Truth Hurts

H doesn’t love mm but chose her to fake marry and have a kid with which saddens to say she somewhat deformed her baby because the bump isn’t growinglikeut should by now. Also harry still fake loves her and regretspretending to be weak sayingmm ispowerful and has blackmailed him just toget rid of his exes. But now is regretting his unwise choice feeling unhappy. But it’s too late for him to change his life now to get his exes. Plus he will feel unhappy forever with her. As his exes move on to be married in the future this will hurt him because of his mistake. He’s unhappy too cause mm isn’t popular. Mm is unhappy because she can’t steal someone else’s image and name for her popularity gain. She tried copying their eyemakeup like Egyptian style and everything that person is so she can take their image. But failed. She’s a user big time. The truth is he slept with her a lot and faked it to make it. He doesn’t love her but is fake loving her. These 2 are just in it for popularity gain.

hi anon. Quite true. Harry wants to be a celebrity and chose MM due to celebrity status but didn’t expect that she would be a flop with the public. Now he pays the price as his reputation has been damaged aswell. To bad if he had a brain he wouldn’t be in this mess but I will say one thing they are suited to each other. They both aren’t as smart as they try and act.

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍


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