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Hi Felix,
How are you? Hope you have a good supply of popcorn handy!

Firstly, well done Piers for article. He just killed the fairytale in one hit, No one could doubt MMs character after that, especially given her long history of ghosting people, including her Dad. The DM comment below is fascinating, especially with the commenter leaving the email address for Piers.

MM and Harrys appearance, and MMs speech at the Van Straubenzee memorial was grotesque. Did Harry muscle in and say – what Meghan wants Meghan gets? Who gives a speech at a memorial for someone they dont know, especially when the room is full of that persons relatives and friends? Or did MM demand the reading because last year Cress gave a reading at the same event?

As for the staged pap shots off MM and Harry – we are now in horror movie territory. Its like Rocky Horror meets the X Files. They are both unkempt and MM comes out into a London night in November, jacket wide open, magical boobs spilling out all over the place and an 8 and a half month stomach. Only 5 weeks ago she was flat, and she has gone from 4 months pregnant to 8 and a half months pregnant in the space of about a week. Imagine this pregnancy going on like this until May? She;will be be bigger than the Sydney Opera House at that rate and the largest woman to ever give birth. Did MM give the memorial reading with her body falling out of the jacket in front of everyone, or did she wait until she stepped out into the London cold to show off for the paps?

People have suggested that they are using a surrogate. There are problems with that though. I believe Surrogacy contracts are not legally enforceable in the UK, and the birth mother is the legal mother, no matter what the DNA. Also, surrogacy payments are unlawful, except for expenses. Therefore, there is a very big risk that the birth mother may want to keep the baby. We know MM is mad to do this but Harry is even madder. When is someone going to pull Harry into line?

Hi NSW. Yes interesting article from Piers Morgan as we all know the story that she only used him for FAME as she met him for the interview back in the summer of 2016, promised him the world and then dumped him. Now he is calling her out for a few months and it’s good that these articles have appeared .

I laughed when I saw her updated gut, It looks so fake. I just have to laugh on the child they will adopt to show to the world next spring, We will see that MM and Harry struggle to be the parents William and Kate are, Quite true about the terms you stated about Surrogacy. The mother is legal to change her opinion and keep the child. It would be funny though if that happened and the BRF struggle to show us a child. What will they do? keep MM pregnant for another few months till they find another surrogate closer to the birth date,

Get your popcorn ready NSW like PA. It’s going to be fun as Harry is stuck to her now like Glue and there is no getting away from this. Plus lets hope Piers Morgan keeps on publishing more on her..

Have an awesome evening NSWπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ™

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