Well Felix, forget my earlier msg, things moving so fast it’s already irrelevant. Epstein case settled out of court. Rumor the Mueller special investigation wrapping up. Strange sitings of MM belly which makes no sense at all compared to 2 weeks ago. Harry looks like shit. William and Kate glowing. US burying a president and allowing the current unpopular one to attend. Trump shook up the G20 and came out with somewhat of a win that other president’s haven’t done in decades. Brexit a mess. Funky rumors of political ties between back channels on the Russian dossier on Trump. Just a mess. Skippy sniping at everyone about her beloved Harry. Whew, wait till we see the full mask pulled off beloved Harry. Oh and now “supposedly” Harry, MM and Doria staying with the Cambs at Amner during Christmas. Maybe Carole Middleton will make sure the Chablis is chilled to perfection to be on the ready to greet everyone with a glass and a toast to a Happy Christmas. I’m not sure which flavor of popcorn to try first . LOL.

Well said PA.  A lot going on and this so called beloved Harry is sticking his finger to the world whilst he is happy to parade his wife around, and go along with every story she leaks to the press.. Well its going to be funny as Doria will visit them for Christmas. Is she going to do the walk at Church with the rest of them???

Bye a mixed bag of Popcorn as These 2 don’t always entertain with their stupidity.

Have an awesome day PA😊❤️👍🙏

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