Video/Audio of MM

Hi Felix , someone posted this comment on the Piers Morgan ghosting article. Omg if it’s true:

“Piers – I am someone who has heard the audio (there is a video but I haven’t seen it) of the night out (hen party) where Megan can be heard drunkenly plotting with a friend to become a “Princess” if the friend can pull strings to get the blind date. There is no “Is he kind?” conversation, just plotting and planning. She was wanting a wedding before they had met. You will be able to find my email from the DM – get in touch.”

Pic attached.

Thank you Felix! ❤️🇬🇷🇦🇺🌞

Hi anon. I haven’t heard of this but if it’s true and they get this out there she will be ruined further as the media will go harder at calling her out. So at the moment we just need to see if anything like this will be released in future.

Have an awesome day and thank you for sharing😊🙏❤️👍

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