Ponderings has an eyeache, not headache

Felix, that cradling bump mess hurts my eyes. What a fool. All I know is that even though this is complicated yet simple of a mess, she does take certain moments to basically say “up yours” to QEII and the RF. It has been written in books and articles over the years that one of the little things QEII doesn’t particular like personally is the word “pregnant” said in public. I think that’s a throw back to her generation along with British upper class mores. MM seems to purposely be “holding” her belly to draw as much attention as possible and I’m still on the fence as to why. It does not seem to appear she’s truly preggo but she could be. I’ve just never seen a pregnant woman look, progress like this, nor act like this with her belly. I really think she suffers from some pretty severe mental issues. She should be hospitalized and treated because her behavior is even on the outside extreme of a typical ego driven attention seeker. It’s just not normal. Even for acting. Even for over the top acting. On top of that, she just doesn’t converse in a normal way with anyone it seems. The only time I’ve seen her comfortable is in the presence of men with a glass of wine and high as the sky eyes. She, sadly, fits in that environment, which I actually think is sad. Who would wear that dress, pregnant, in the middle of winter, expecting possibly twins, at her age, and with those spindles for legs. In fact, how in the world did she walk across the stage without her Harry crutch. I’m telling you this girl needs to be admitting under a mental health hold, and I’m not even kidding or being snarky. She should not be procreating, she can’t even take care of herself. Felix, do you think she’s trying to be as inappropriate as much as possible? or do you think this really is just her?

Hi PA. I agree she is showing and holding her baby bump at every event to advertise that sh is pregnant. She is a mental case alongside Harry. Perfect match there as they both look like clown in front of the world. 

Have a great day PA 😊👍❤️🙏


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