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Hi Felix,

I agree with PA, MMs narcissism is way off the spectrum and she must have serious mental health issues, as does Harry. Im sure the BRF must have spoken to them about the bump clutching. This is merching but also a pathological need for attention. This crazy woman would probably do anything for attention. Someone should tell this woman there are 7 billion people on the planet with billions more in history, not to mention the entire history of the animal kingdom. Pregnancy is not that unusual! I also think it is crazy gloating.

Proving herself the total sociopath and having no feelings, MM doesnt seem the slighest bit embarrassed by all the negative stories. , Were people really calling out her name at the fashion show? Must have been rent a crowd or the truly vacuous.

Hi NSW. I totally agree. She does have mental health issues with the way she acts in public No one in their right state of mind would ever act like she does. She isn’t embarrassed and is Fame driven which as we see she does everything to gain attention and now with this pregnancy she will do everything to get the cameras on herself as we see her holding her belly as we have never seen any other famous person do that in the spotlight.

Have an awesome day NSW😊🙏👍❤️

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