Felix you must watch a video of the fashion award segment with MM. This may sound far fetched but in this mess nothing can be to far fetched I believe. She looks crazier than ever in the whole episode but put that aside. I’m thinking she pitched a fit with Harry and made him call in some favors or use his position to get the award to be given to this designer. This designers fashions are mediocre at best. There were many other designers in the audience that are much more talented and more deserving. Just like MM, this designer would likely not have stood out in the running unless for the exposure of making Markles dress. Plus what’s bizarre, it’s a hideous dress which most agree, even pro MM people have said on TV its plain. There was nothing groundbreaking with it all all. Plus MM rarely wears British designers. That would not necessarily be a welcoming audience to her. The still photos released were taken perfectly with the lighting behind her like a vision of the Virgin Mary with the angel announce the coming baby Jesus. A photography would not be set to take those photo’s if it were a “surprise” visit. Where she stood had to be planned for those photos. Plus she’s holding/cupping/whatever her belly at just the right time. AND THE SPEECH, oh my, I’m embarrassed for her. She really does have some loose wiring. It’s bad. She should be a psychiatric study in naming a new disorder cause there’s not one currently that would cover the depth of her self delusional state. She really believes I think that she is that great and deserves that type of attention. Harry is a complete and utter fool. If he was attracted to that mental instability self loving fruitcake, he is lost and will never be found. Even though the Royals are such oddities at times and mostly deserve the situations they get themselves caught up in, I really feel sympathy toward them now. This is bad. What is that mess with her belly, who holds their belly like that? It was even on the big screens in the event hall. It was so egregious, I wanted to step into the TV and walk up on that stage and walk her to the back. At this point it’s like she’s channeling Diana, Fergie, Kim Kardasian, the Mulroney chic, and she can’t quite decide which mannerism or look to pull from which person. And she looks like she is talking to herself in her head going YES, these people love me and they should. It’s just awful. You’ll only be able to stomach watching in one time. Sorry for the rant, but back to my first idea. I think she used whatever strings she could pull and make this happen, because she was anticipating to possible even be named as Time’s Person of the Year today. She had this stupid word salad speech which made utter nonsense, cruel designing vs designing with kindness, female empowerment being in the fabric type nonsense. It was I believe her “script” to hopefully flow into today being name by Time and she was going to just be floating. But I think we heard a thud from England’s grassy hills from across the Pond. And I thought the poem at the Carol memorial service was bad thrown in the middle of traditional church Christmas carol music. Ugh what utter idiots. I’ve never believed in reincarnation until now possibly – Wallis and “her David” are alive and well, here to torture us all. God save the Queen, because that’s who she better turn to to save herself and her family. She got the devil in her house.

Hi PA. As we see everything is planned and she just plays her role as she loves the cameras and sets her self up in the right poses to get the limelight. We will see what comes out of this as Richard Palmer just admitted that she is the one getting her minion followers to attack reporters on racism. The media know her tricks and will eventually turn on her. When that happens No one will be able to defend her.

Have an awesome day PA😊🙏👍❤️


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