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Felix do you think Harry still holds his popularity, even on his own? I keep seeing this theme on many blogs that Harry is still popular just not her. Well I’m not convinced of that. I think this whole debacle may haunt him socially and I’m not sure people are ever going to feel the same for him that they thought they did. Plus the more W/K grow into their roles I think people will see Harry as just superfluous. If Harry had become a degenerate, he could have really been a driving force and a true help to William. Harry is such an ingrate. I’m even confused as to why he chose her as a one night stand, surely there were better ones? He has such poor taste, I’d hate to see the others he’s paid for. Ugh. Some things you just can’t unsee. And Harry’s lack of intelligence is one of them! Ciao for now! BTW shout out to NSW – I always like your posts. I wish we could be neighbors 🙂

PA he is not as popular as he was before this. As we have seen many have turned against him because they see what he really is. As you said above he makes poor choices in life due to his lack of intelligence has lead to this result.

Yes NSW provides awesome points like you do with many others and it’s great to have you, NSW and everyone on board as we try and see the real truth.

Thanks PA😊🙏👍❤️

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