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No news of the baby and I wonder when the press will start questioning the timeline of the pregnancy.

It has been reported that MM was 12 weeks pregnant at Eugenies wedding. If this was true then she would be more than a week overdue now. However, Missy Higgins talked about her being 16 weeks pregnant during the Aust. tour. When she was walking around in NZ with Jacinda in the cream dress on October 30 she looked about 26 weeks pregnant.

Older mothers have a higher risk of stillbirth and other birth complications. Would the royal doctors really let an older mother go overdue by more than a week?. We all saw MM touring all over Zika zones though so the duty of care is obviously not there.

The latest PR drivel is the photos of MM at school and clearly she was very well taken care of by the family she never had. However, there is a video of 10 year old Meghan in the article that I have seen before that always creeps me out. Young Meghan is there with a tiny baby wrapped up on the pillow looking at her. ( I think it is one of her nephews) Most little girls cannot resist fussing over a tiny baby. However, young Meghan completely ignores the poor little baby and instead seems obsessed with the camera, walking right up to the lens with a crazy look on her face. I think it is an indication of the narcissist to come. It might also show what sort of mother she will be.


I have had a great weekend. I hope you have to.

Now over the last couple of days the media have begun to publish a few negative articles regarding both MM and Harry regarding the birth of this child due to the fact that they are not getting any info from the Royals.

it was claimed that she was 12 weeks pregnant at Eugenie’s  wedding but Missy Higgins stated that she was 16 weeks at the Aust tour which that would mean as you stated above that she is overdue by a few weeks.

NSW do you think that there is something wrong with this child? Just think about it. They where more then happy to make a big deal about her pregnancy which affected IG and the Australasian tour but all of a sudden they are protective about giving information and especially taking a pic with the newborn. We all know that MM loves the cameras and this pic would be another big step as she is now more of a Royal meaning that she is not just Harry’s wife she is the mother of his child.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the are going to act as they are waiting for any news. My guess is that they will continue to publish more negative articles which will force MM and Harry to announce when this child is born.

Lets wait and see. It’s going to be an interesting week ahead,

have a great evening NSW😊👍❤️🙏

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