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Hi Felix,

I agree it is very out of character that publicity hungry MM has suddenly gone quiet for so long and the claim is that Harry and MM want to spend time with friends and family before making the baby announcement. I didnt know they had any. It could mean that something has gone wrong with the baby, which of course no-one would want. It may mean though that the surrogate is having second thoughts, or there are contract negotiations going on.with the surrogate.

t may also mean that MM has signed an enormous contract with Oprah, as Gayle King is in London to film a documentary about the Harkles plus baby. They may have signed a confidentiality clause about the baby. If they are keeping hush hush because of a deal with Oprah the Brits will be furious!

Another strange thing is Harrys planned trip to the Netherlands this week which has now been cancelled. It doesnt look like Harry wanted to spend too much time with Mum and Bub.

The whole thing is very strange and I do agree something has gone wrong. Even the PR and fake friends seem to have dropped off. This week will be very interesting indeed.


Great point you have raised about them keeping quiet due to the Oprah interview. We all know that MM loves herself and the cameras and she wouldn’t just want a traditional photo op with the child standing outside. The documentary is her way of saying that this child is more special then all others and it may be as you have stated above that they have signed a contract and are unable to speak until this doco comes out.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Now when was Harry’s trip to the Netherlands announced? It explains that the trip was made before anything was signed and that’s why they have canceled it due to him being present for the documentary to be filmed.

Whatever it is NSW it’s going to be interesting and we will wait and see if it’s a documentary that will announced in the coming days/weeks which will state that they have been keeping quiet. Plus why would Harry work with Oprah?

Have a great evening NSW😊🙏❤️👍

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