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Hi Felix,

The baby is born. I think they were really forced to announce it after articles saying it is dangerous to allow the baby to go more than a week overdue.

The announcement has not been signed off by the medical team! Probably because there was none. Surrogacy suspicions confirmed

I still think some sort of confidentiality clause has been signed with Oprah therefore no baby sightings.

I also think there is some truth in Harkles looking for LA house and MM will put her foot down to move there – with Harkles having some Oprah influenced media career – Oprah at the wedding, Oprah and Doria, Gayle King special and Oprah mental health doco. Next thing Harry will doing Africa docos for Oprah.

No wonder the Queen looked grim in the photo the other day. A lifetime of national service down the tubes so Dirty Harry and his Z list wife can let their celebrity hypocrites take over the Palace.

As usual the papers are full on sycophancy – with the race card being used. The public seems over it though.


Yes we have a new healthy baby boy weighing in at 3.2kg as Harry announced this morning to the media. So far we have no medical records only the words straight out of Harry’s mouth to the media this morning.

As we stated the other day you and I are pretty sure that they are going to be working with Oprah and the first time the world will see this child will be through These documentaries. We all know that MM wants a media career which she has struggled to gain apart from her role in Suits which Trevor got her in and as we can see MM doesn’t love living in The UK plus the Royal lifestyle is pretty boring so she will do anything to jump back to the US.

Now the question is, Can you see Harry the Hypocrite wanna be celebrity leaving the Royal perks to live a life in the US to join the US media? Let’s see if MM can get him to quit and move to the US. Tim3 will tell.

Have a great day NSW😊👍🙏❤️

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