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Hi Felix,

Ive finally seen Archie’s intro which was very interesting. First of all MM gushed that the baby has the sweetest temperament. That is a big assumption about a 2.5 day old baby who basically only sleeps, cries, drinks and has their nappy changed However a mother is always biased about their baby so that’s understandable.

When the journo asks who the baby takes after MM says – ” I dont know were trying to work that out.” Harry says – ” Everybody says the baby changes so much in 2 weeks. ” He then hesitates and seems a bit lost for words so says – Were basically monitoring how the changing process happens in the next month basically.”

There is also talk of his looks are changing every single day ( when baby allegedly 2-3 days. It seemed obvious when watching the interview that they have had the baby for about 2 weeks, wherever he came from, and Harry tried to cover it up with the comment about monitoring for a month the changing process of the babys looks.

This scenario fits in with the Gayle King visit, the lack of doctors signatures and the stage managed comments by Dickie Arbiter. Harry and Meghan you will probably get away with this in the short term but the British media will not forget being frozen out so that you can ingratiate yourself with American media giants.

Some royal commentators are already starting to turn and drop hints They may leave a respectful few months after the birth of the baby and then they might unleash further. I think Sara Latham better watch out

I have to laugh at the interview though. Harry is simply incapable of following a script. MM also looks very stressed. ` Also as usual the BRF are implicated right up to the top.


Yes quite interesting seeing both their reactions at that interview. They both look lost presenting Archie to the world and Harry tried hard to be in control as MM looked quite lost trying to hang off him. I have to admit he is a cute little boy from the pics which I saw.

There are a lot of headlines coming out at the moment stating that the name Archie was a former pet cat of Meghan’s who passed away. It’s pretty strange naming a child after a pet. Plus I have heard on radio that most Royal watchers are not happy with the name as they wanted a more traditional name.

You.are absolutely right. The media are playing nice at the moment and Harry and MM will get away but I can see questions being raised in the future.

The tab GLOBAL has already printed an Article with the headline stating “Harry is not the father” let’s see if any other media outlets are going to begin publishing articles like that in the near future.

It’s all fun and games for these 2 but a feel sad for that poor innocent child that will have to go through this.

Have a great day NSW😊👍❤️🙏

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