Skippy won’t admit BRF are in on the con, JD is now supporting the con artist

WHAT IS GOING ON FELIX? I don’t appreciate skippy blowing smoke up ph a$$ because she is a loyal royalist without proper discernment and can’t admit BRF lies & crimes because of their denial. But I also don’t appreciate JDs total 180, now telling us sh3 just wants Megxit to do the right thing. SERIOUSLY? She should want TRUTH, EXPOSURE, JUSTICE for this crime brought against the UK taxpayers. SOMETHING IS FISHY ABOUT BOTH OF THEM! It’s awfully disappointing! PLEASE, STAY TRUE FELIX! PLEASE! You were always the one reasonable and with common sense.

Hi anon.

Let’s begin. Firstly JD and myself haven’t changed any sides like some state. From the beginning we exposed MM and this relationship but at the end of the day the reality is that the Royal Family alongside with Harry accepted MM into the fold and as we all can see they are supporting her. That’s the honest truth.

At the end of the day Harry chose her as his wife and HM gave him his blessing to marry her which as we all saw all BRF members attended the wedding. HM has power in the UK and if they didn’t want MM there wouldn’t have been a wedding. So the question we have to ask is why did the queen attend the wedding?

The same thing with Archie. HM travelled all the way to Windsor Castle for a photo shoot. If they weren’t in support this would of been stopped a long time away but as we see the BRF are guilty in MM and Harry’s merching. The media are slowly beginning to publish about this as they wait for a birth certificate which MM and Harry will be forced to publish.

Have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️

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