Felix, I’m so pleased you’re back …

I missed you!

Please don’t be mean about Skippy – I like her too, and respect you have differences, but please just wish her well without being mean – you’re better than that.

I agree that the BRF is complicit in all this, but I otherwise agree with most of what Skippy says.

I like visiting here and hearing your thoughts about things too!

Have you read some of the things on You Tube about the Sussexes of late? I went down a huge rabbit hole last night that started with a visit to Yvonne Tarot then, after reading what someone said about a Celic channel, visited there … next thing and about 20 channels later it was 2am. Anyhoo, very interesting reading … anybody can pretend to be anyone and say anything on the internet so it’s important to take it all with a grain of salt, but unless the same people are making multiple accounts and posting over and over again, there are very common themes coming through.

I hope you’re keeping warm … it’s very chilly here across the Tasman at the moment.

Hi anon.

Thank you for sharing that. I have tried to be nice about Skippy but I have to warn you that she is a compulsive liar, Her blog got shut down due to the fact that she was stating awful things about Archie and people from twitter reported her to tumblr. It was not MM’s lawyers which she wants you to believe. She has no sources and I feel sorry for her because she is losing it Day by day.

We all can see the truth and I don’t like it any more than anyone but we have to accept that the BRF accepted MM into the family and are supporting her. All the stuff which we have outed MM doing since the beginning The BRF are complicit in it now. So the fantasy of MM going to prison is debunked plus let’s be real honest with ourselves the child is real and not a doll which not just Skippy others have stated.

It maybe from a surrogate or it could be MM’s. We don’t know until we get real proof.

I have stated this multiple times anon and I will state it again. There are many out there that haven’t accepted what is happening and get sucked in to these theories without asking bloggers about real proof.

It’s getting cold here in Melbourne anon but I don’t mind the cold. With the cold weather you can always rug up and sleep well at night. I can’t stand when the temperatures are high in summer. You just sweat all day and if you don’t have air conditioning it’s impossible to fall asleep.

Have a great evening anon and keep warm😊❤️👍🙏

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