the whole Skippy thing…

I like Skippy… in fact, when she first started and we all were on the same page about MM and Harry’s relationship…. I was going through things emotionally because, I personally knew Prince Harry (met him in 2004). Although he and I part ways 4-6 weeks before he met MM (I was angry at the lack of things he does for his charities… other than the PR Push. I had donated A LOT of money because I believed in the charity; I also believed in him then I saw the truth) – to make that part of the long story short:

I emailed his now former private secretary. Such a lovely man.. always have good things to say about him. He did so much for Harry and his charities that he should get more credit. I will always praise him. Anyway, I showed Skippy because I wanted her opinion, if I should send it. It was a last ditch effort on the subject for Harry’s charity … but then Harry and MM got in the press about the ‘relationship’. his now former private secretary wouldn’t respond to any emails from any of Harry’s friends especially if they are girls. I knew, that this was a serious relationship.

I didn’t fancy him; (truth be told there was one who I fancied… and it wasn’t Wills or Harry. it was a polo bloke, never will say who) I admired him. He is fun to dance with 🙂 and drink lol. One of the things I said to the now former Private Secretary is “Harry is smart; the problem is he doesn’t make decisions for himself. He is able to and I think he needs to have more of a role in his charities” I think many of us can agree to it. In fact look today at the way the PR is going on? He isn’t doing anything. MM has a strong Hollywood personality and that is mostly her and he goes along with it.

So to sum that up. Skippy posted on her blog that I am a faker… that I ‘love Harry’ etc.. and blocked me on twitter. I was nothing but nice to Skippy. I did go to her site and I did post ANON often, in fact the most recent one was on Sunday… saying “I thought Princess Diana’s favourite flowers were Lilies flowers” . She posted that. And yet she thought I was fake or a ‘troll’, when all I did was care about Harry as much as you, JD and many others do.

I wish her well… but she needs to stop snapping at people if they have their opinion that is different than hers.
Look, I don’t like MM, but in my own reason. I have lived the celebrity circuits. I once went on a date with a guy who knew her and he didn’t have nice things to say about her.

You have talked to me on Twitter, I Have not lied once. I have been open… which, also bothered Skippy because I was saying what i Know… because , well I know Harry personality. Heck, I kissed him TWICE (and I did kiss William also in 2004 at Beaufort Polo Ball and the year before that at St. Andrews. I had friends who attended the uni, while I was studying abroad in Spain. Again, was at a party. He also gave me a cold, from what I remember lol and saw William again at Centre Point, the one with Taylor Swift singing. I was at that charity event; pictures to prove it as I made the news lol). one in 2004 at ChinaWhite Cartier Guards Polo after party and again in 2015 in Africa… after the Opening of the Children’s Centre… we went to Cape Town and he played polo. There was a mini after party… was my birthday and I told him something… that I never spoke about to anyone and will never. We kissed and then parted ways. Saw him again the summer later and I was in Getty Images because of the charity event… glaring at him due to being annoyed with him as stated above.

I don’t kiss and tell but I do say a few things and will speak up. I won’t speak to journalists. Also Skippy knew I was writing a book that had NOTHING to do with Harry. I was talking about the people I met over the years in comparison to what the subject the book was about. those well-known people who are mentioned know about the book. Harry knew about it! I told him what was being said lol. He didn’t care.. and book is still pending because I have 3 chapters to rewrite by July 1st.

Sorry Felix for this ‘long’ blog post, I wanted to state my opinion, where I was coming from. I do wish her well… as I always am kind to everyone. She choose to be mean and block me when I did nothing wrong but be kind to her.

Hi anon. Thanks for sharing that with us. We all wish her well but the problem is that she has backed herself in a corner from all the lies that she has been spreading over the last few months and slowly people who have followed her for a long time are beginning to see it.

At least with her new blog she did something right, she has stated at the very top that’s it’s pure speculation which it is and word of advice NO reporters or Meghan visit her. Her Loyal fans like The Charlatan Duchess are looneys from twitter..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️👍

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