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Some interesting comments from anons.

Little Archie is a cute baby and people need to accept reality.

I think there are more important things to focus on than the littlest Royal. The promotion of Meghans new found friend Taryn Toomey and her Caribbean Yoga retreat on the Harkles Royal Ig. This is completely outrageous and the Harkles should be ripped into by the entire British media for this. They are using Royal infrastructure funded by British taxpayers under the guise of philanthropy to enrich a New York multi millionaire.

Taryn was at the baby shower, which we all knew was a merchandising op. I read that Taryn’s husband is a wealthy investment employee from Goldman Sachs. In March 2017 Taryn Toomey and her financier Husband listed their Tribeca apartment for sale for $ 6.8 million dollars. Taryn Toomey is clearly a self promoter and one article about her states she is always looking for ways to expand her cash flow. Now the BRF, the British taxpayers and potentially unwell Harry and Meghan followers are her cash cows.

The Harkle IG, while apparently promoting mental health initiatives across the world, are directing potentially vulnerable followers to this woman,s website whereby people can book a 3,600 pound retreat for 4 nights, In other words, this Royal couple is aiding and abetting a US millionaire to potentially financially exploit vulnerable followers and their families. People with psychological problems are very much at risk of being exploited by predators, and that is why courts and tribunals make financial management orders. Furthermore, excessive and grandiose expenditure is one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Contracts signed by people in a bipolar phase are very likely to be found to be unconscionable and set aside by the Courts.

Fake, greedy exploitative, despicable.

We all know the Harkles relationship has been a long running adventure in merching eg Soho House and business associates, Meghans mirror, Oprah and Gayle. However, this is going way way too far. Media, Its time to do your job before lives get ruined.

What I would like to know is –

The cost to taxpayers of the Harkles Pr, including salaries and staffing allocations.

Why are Harry and Meghan allowed to provide commercial promotion to their friends on Royal IT infrastructure

Why are they allowed to be so blatant in their commercialism.

Did Harry and Meghan get a commission for promoting the business of Taryn Toomey , or were they just being charitable to her.

When did MM meet Taryn and how is she connected to all the other players now mixing with the Harkles.

Since the baby shower we have seen commercial connections with Gayle and Taryn. What other hideous commercial ventures will arise from the baby shower.

Will the Royal Foundation actually fund research into psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

When will the British Parliament demonstrate fiscal responsibility and demand transparency and accountability from the BRF.

When will the media do its job.

When will Australia become a republic.

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