If the BRF accept her why then did they snub her at PC investiture?

Why are they both appearing for engagement announcement and baby announcement outdoors? Why no red carpet for her walk down the aisle? Why no doctor signatures on birth announcements? Why does baby look exactly like a fake motionless reborn doll? Why did mm make a point that the baby is quiet and calm, meanwhile it didn’t flinch when she knocked it with her hand and rubbed its head much too vigorously for a new born? And why doesn’t the baby have any memorabilia sold in stores? Why did QE2 give her that side eye stare at the wedding? YOU CANT TELL US SHE IS ACCEPTED BY BRF WITH ALL THE LIES AND MISFIRES WE HAVE DISCUSSED OVER 2 YEARS. You know there are lies and it’s ALL fake, ALLEGEDLY. YOU WERE ONE OF THE LEADERS IN WANTING TO EXPOSE THE ALLEGED FRAUD. REGARDLESS IF BRF ACCEPTED HER. WHAT IS THE TRUTH? You seem to have sold out and given up Felix. This is disappointing.

Hi anon.

Let’s begin. What red carpet down the isle? Did you forget that Prince Charles himself ( The Future King of England ) walked her down the isle.

Now regarding Archie. Are you telling me that HM just lied to the world by taking a photograph with a doll? Please you need to face reality and stop with these fantasy theories…

From all of this what you have failed to realise is that Harry and the BRF are playing with the media. They did this from day one. They chose to bring her into the fold. Not the other way around..

I as you know from the beginning alongside with JD, NYC, AHPF, BANANADRAMA as bloggers with many anons exposed Harry for what he is and what kind of wife he CHOSE to marry.

Meghan climbed the social circle and Harry chose her because he wants to be a celebrity and not a Royal as he has stated it in the interview he had 2 years ago and he plays with the media when it suits him as you can see. THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!

Have a great day anon. You shouldn’t be disappointed with me from stating it as it is. You should be disappointed with Harry and the BRF alongside bloggers who are trying to sell you a false narrative because they don’t want face reality.


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